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Hair System 3 gf Unissex Hair Lotion - Martiderm

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    Martiderm Hair System 3 Gf Unissex Hair Lotion  100 mL
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Martiderm - Hair System 3 Gf Unissex Hair Lotion 100 mL

Hair System 3 Gf Loción Capilar Unissex - Martiderm

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Martiderm Unisex Hair System 3GF lotion is recommended to treat all types of alopecia regardless its origin or whether it is a more or less recurring situation.

The hair loss stops since the first applications

Its innovative ingredients regulate sebum production and neutralize the harmful actions of free radicals.

The hair roots becomed stonger, holding the fiber, and the hair growth is stimulated.

Suitable for all types of hair loss, from telogen effluvium androgenetic alopecia.

The lotion consists of:

  • Hair system 3GF complex , consisting of:
    • IGF-1, which increases the hair's lifetime and improves its regeneration;
    • VEGF, vascularization stimulator that consequently enhances capillary nutrition
    • Folistatin, fall retardant and promoter of capillary anchorage
  • Biotinil, oleanoico acid and apigenin, hair fixation stimulators
  • Tocophero nicotinate, vasodilator
  • Salycilic acid, que melhora a penetração de ativos e é saborregulador
  • Vitamin B6, essential for maintaining an active capillary structure

After adjusting the diffuser nozzle, apply 5 to 10 sprays of product over the affected area.

Rub with your fingertips, massaging gently.

Allow the scalp to dry naturally.

Use ideally twice a day, or al least once a day.

Minimum treatment of 3 months, but it can be used all year when hair loss is chronic


  • Do not apply on wounded skin
  • Avoid direct contact with eyes, nose and mouth. In case of accidental contact, rinse thoroughly with cold water.
  • Keep out of the reach of children

Hair System 3GF

Hormonal imbalances, dietary deficiencies, stress and genetic predisposition are several factors that can lead to hair loss. Thinking of all them, Martiderm created a complete range which includes products that allow you to treat alopecia both internally and externally.

This line contains the MartiDerm Hair System 3GF patent, a combination of ingredients that stimulates hair growth and improves hair anchorage.

At the end of the treatment, the hair root is protected and nourished, thus allowing the fiber to born stronger and more resistant.


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