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Active Protection Sun Face Cream SPF50+ Hyper-Sensitive Skin - Collistar

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    Collistar Active Protection Sun Face Cream SPF50+  50 mL
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Collistar - Active Protection Sun Face Cream SPF50+ 50 mL

Crema Viso Solare Protezione Attiva - Collistar

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Active Protection Sun Face Cream SPF50+ is a sun care with soft texture, with very high protection, easy to apply and quickly absorbed.

Protect your DNA with moisturizing and antioxidant action!

Ideal for sensitive and/or reactive skin. 

The pleasure and safety of a cream with high moisturizing, antioxidant and gentle power. This action is able to soothe irritations and give a general sense of well-being to the most sensitive skin subject to sun exposure.

It contains Smart Sun Protection®, the unique system of filters for vitamin D, Carnosine, a substance that prevents the degradation of collagen and other dermal proteins on which depend on the flexibility and firmness of the skin and MikanExtract, a citrus fruit originating in Japan, effective against the formation of brown spots.


NO fragrance - dyes - silicones - alcohol - known allergens - mineral oils and nickel.

How to use

It should be applied around the eyes, neck, bust, neckline and hands.

Apply before exposure to the sun.

Repeat the application during prolonged exposure to the sun and after swimming or perspiration.


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