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  • Dark Spots & Signs of Ageing

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  • If you struggle with dark spots, also known as hyperpigmentation, you know how frustrating it can be to try to fade them. But did you know that using the right sunscreen can be a crucial component of your hyperpigmentation-fighting routine? Sunscreen can help to prevent dark spots from getting darker and can also prevent new ones from forming.

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    1. Heliocare - 360º Pigment Solution Fluid 50mL SPF50+
    2. Eucerin - Sun Protection Pigment Control Sun Fluid 50mL No Color SPF50+
    3. Eucerin - Sun Protection Pigment Control Sun Fluid 50mL Light SPF50+
    4. Heliocare - 360º Age Active Fluid Sunscreen 50mL SPF50+
    5. Eucerin - Sun Protection Pigment Control Sun Fluid 50mL Medium SPF50+
    6. La Roche-Posay - Anthelios Pigmentation for Skin with Dark Spots 50mL Medium
    7. Uriage - Bariésun Anti-Brown Spot Fluid 40mL SPF50+
    8. Eucerin - Sun Protection Photoaging-Control Sun Fluid 50mL SPF50
    9. Isdin - Fotoultra Fusion Water Magic Repair 50mL No Color SPF50
    10. Martiderm - Black Diamond Epigence Optima SPF50+ Smart Aging Ampoules 30x2mL SPF50+
    11. RVB LAB - Meso Fill Perfecting Colour-Corrective Cream 50mL Tinted 50
    12. Institut Esthederm - Solaire Photo Reverse Depigmenting Sunscreen 50mL SPF50+
    13. Dermalogica - Age Smart Dynamic Skin Recovery 50mL SPF50
    14. Shiseido - Urban Environment Age Defense Oil Free Emulsion 1 un. SPF30
    15. SVR - Clairial Anti-Dark Spots Sun Protection 40mL SPF50
    16. Filorga - UV Defence Anti-Ageing and Anti-Brown Spot Sun Care 40mL SPF50+
    17. Mesoestetic - Mesoprotech Light Water Antiaging Veil 50mL SPF50+
    18. Mesoestetic - Mesoprotech Melan 130 Pigment Control 50mL Tinted SPF50
    19. Martiderm - Pigment Zero Dsp-Cream Depigmenting Sunscreen Treatment 40mL SPF50+
    20. Martiderm - Proteos Screen Fluid Cream All Skin Types 40mL SPF50+
    21. Mesoestetic - Mesoprotech Mineral Matt Sunscreen 50mL SPF50+
    22. La Roche-Posay - Anthelios Age Correct Sunscreen 50mL Tinted SPF50
    23. Sesderma - Azelac Ru Luminous Fluid Cream Depigmenting 50mL SPF50
    24. Ducray - Melascreen Cream 50mL SPF50+
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