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A full range of skin products formulated around the unique properties of Uriage's Thermal Water.
A brand specialized in the sensitive skin of babies, adults and elderly to meet the needs and treatments without forgetting the pleasure in the use of its products.
URIAGE - Safety, tolerance, pleasure and efficiency at your skin's service.

  1. Uriage - Eau Thermale Power 3 Deodorant 50mL
  2. Uriage - Eau Thermale H.A Booster Serum 30mL
  3. Uriage - Xémose Emollient Cream for Atopic Skin 400mL
  4. Uriage - Age Lift Revitalizing Night Cream 40mL
  5. Uriage - Age Lift Eye Contour 15mL
  6. Uriage - Kératosane 30% Cream-Gel 75mL
  7. Uriage - Cleansing Cream Soap-Free for Body 500mL
  8. Uriage - Age Absolu Redensifying Sleeping Mask 50mL
  9. Uriage - Age Absolu Redensifying Rosy Cream 50mL
  10. Uriage - Age Lift Firming Day Fluid 40mL
  11. Uriage - Gyn-Phy Intimate Refreshing Gel 500mL
  12. Uriage - Bariéderm Cica Daily Gel Cream 40mL
  13. Uriage - Xémose Cérat Cream for Atopic Skin 200mL
  14. Uriage - Dépiderm Anti-Dark Spot Intensive 30mL
  15. Uriage - Thermal Micellar Water Make-Up Remover for Redness Prone Skin 500mL
  16. Uriage - Waterproof Eye Makeup Remover 100mL
  17. Uriage - Gyn-Phy Intimate Refreshing Gel 200mL
  18. Uriage - Cleansing Cream Soap-Free for Body 200mL
  19. Uriage - Hyséac Cleansing Gel 500mL
  20. Uriage - X√©mose Soothing Cleansing Oil for Atopic Skin 500 mL 1 un.
  21. Uriage - DS Hair Shampoo Kerato-Reducing Treatment 150mL
  22. Uriage - Extra-Rich Dermatological Syndet Bar Soap Free 100g
  23. Uriage - Hyséac Hydra Restructuring 40mL
  24. Uriage - Roséliane Cream for Skin with Redness 40mL SPF30
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