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theBalm is a cosmetics brand that effortlessly merges vintage charm with contemporary beauty. With a playful spirit and retro-inspired packaging, they capture the essence of fun and creativity. Their commitment to high-quality ingredients and cruelty-free practices ensures guilt-free indulgence in their wide range of makeup products. Each product bears a witty name, adding a touch of whimsy to the experience. Loved by beauty enthusiasts and professionals alike, and with their blend of nostalgia and innovation, they continue to captivate hearts and faces, making beauty an enjoyable journey for all.

  1. TheBalm - Bahama Mama 3g Bahama Mama
  2. TheBalm - Balm Desert 6,39g Balm Desert
  3. TheBalm - Schwing 1,7mL Black / Noir
  4. TheBalm - Mad Lash 8mL Black
  5. TheBalm - Hot Mama 3g Hot Mama
  6. TheBalm - Stainiac 4mL Beauty Queen
  7. TheBalm - Meet Matt(E) Hughes 7,4mL Charming
  8. TheBalm - Mary-Lou Manizer 9,06g Mary-Lou Manizer
  9. TheBalm - Hot Mama 7g Hot Mama
  10. TheBalm - Bahama Mama 6,30g Bahama Mama
  11. TheBalm - Meet Matt(E) Hughes 7,4mL Loyal
  12. TheBalm - Meet Matt(E) Hughes 6x1,2mL
  13. TheBalm - Mary-Lou Manizer 2,7g Mary-Lou Manizer
  14. TheBalm - Let's Bolt 8g Let's Bolt
  15. TheBalm - Sexy Mama 7,08g Sexy Mama
  16. TheBalm - Bronzilla 8,5g Bronzilla
  17. TheBalm - Big Date 6,5g Big Date
  18. TheBalm - It's a Date 6,5g It's a Date
  19. TheBalm - Stainiac 4mL Prom Queen
  20. TheBalm - Meet Matt(E) Hughes 7,4mL Sincere
  21. TheBalm - Third Date 6,5g Third Date
  22. TheBalm - Stainiac 4mL Homecoming Queen
  23. TheBalm - Meet Matt(E) Hughes 7,4mL Doting
  24. TheBalm - Meet Matt(E) Hughes 7,4mL Dedicated
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