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The first beauty we should try to conquer is the one that makes us feel good. To this end, TEAOLOGY offers safe, clean and innovative formulas, with all the benefits and exclusive attributes of a good cup of tea.


Exclusive, effective items, developed with sensory textures and unquestionable quality, prioritizing natural ingredients.


TEAOLOGY is an independent brand - 100% Italian from start to finish - born out of a passion for tea, nature, beauty and innovation. It stands out for its patented production process that extracts antioxidants and extraordinary properties from Camellia Sinensis - the Tea Plant - in order to activate and enhance each formula 100%, replacing the commonly used water. At TEAOLOGY, the focus is always to provide all the benefits of clean, effective and sustainable beauty care, like a good cup of tea!

  1. Teaology - Green Tea Reshaping Body Scrub 450g
  2. Teaology - Lash and Brow Peptide Infusion 5mL
  3. Teaology - Hair Care Matcha Hair Repair Shampoo 30mL + Mask 30mL + Instant Serum Sample 1 un.
  4. Teaology - Black Tea Flat Belly Cream 150mL
  5. Teaology - Kombucha Tea Revitalizing Face Cream 50mL
  6. Teaology - Matcha Tea Ultra-Firming Face Cream 50mL
  7. Teaology - White Tea Miracle Eye Cream 15mL
  8. Teaology - White Tea Peptide Mask 1 un.
  9. Teaology - Peach Tea Hyaluronic Mask 1 un.
  10. Teaology - Bronzing Tea Drops 30mL
  11. Teaology - Hair Care Matcha Repair Instant Serum 80mL
  12. Teaology - Tea Glow Exfoliating Cleansing Foam 100mL
  13. Teaology - Peach Tea Hydra Mist 100mL
  14. Teaology - Matcha Infusion Ultra Firming Serum 15mL
  15. Teaology - Yoga Care Breathe Body Mist 100mL
  16. Teaology - White Tea Hand and Nail Cream 75mL
  17. Teaology - Green Tea AHA Mask 1 un.
  18. Teaology - Hyaluronic Tea Eye Mask 1 pair
  19. Teaology - Black Tea Vitamin C Mask 1 un.
  20. Teaology - Green Tea Detox Face Scrub 50mL
  21. Teaology - 7-Pack Reusable Cotton Pads 7 un.
  22. Teaology - Black Rose Tea Hand and Nail Cream 75mL
  23. Teaology - Matcha Lemon Tea Hand and Nail Cream 75mL
  24. Teaology - Happy Body All-In Slimming Balm 150mL
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