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With over 70 years of experience in professional dermocosmetics, RVB LAB represents the excellence of Italian scientific research  in the field of aesthetic medicine. The developments at RVB LAB originate from continuous collaboration with medical professionals and universities, utilizing advanced dermocosmetic science and molecular biotechnology for ageless beauty. The formulas are highly effective, and prioritize the use of pure, optimized, and highly concentrated active ingredients with advanced transdermal delivery systems for optimal bioavailability. Rigorous dermatological and microbiological testing ensures product quality, minimizing heavy metal content.



  1. RVB LAB - Meso Fill Plumping Skin Renewal Serum 30mL
  2. RVB LAB - Meso Fill Lifting Plumping Cream 50mL
  3. RVB LAB - Meso Fill Kit: Plumping Cream 50mL + Plumping Skin Renewal Serum 15mL + Bag 1 un.
  4. RVB LAB - Hyalu C+ Anti-Staining Hyperactive Concentrate 30mL
  5. RVB LAB - Microbioma Pre-Biotic Balancing Cream 50mL
  6. RVB LAB - Meso Fill Eye Contour and Deep Wrinkle 15mL
  7. RVB LAB - Microbioma Moisturizing Serum 30mL
  8. RVB LAB - Hyalu C+ Regenerating Illuminating Lotion 200mL
  9. RVB LAB - Meso Body Meso Shape Hyperactive Sculpting Bandage 1 un.
  10. RVB LAB - Microbioma Micellar Milk Cream 3 in 1 250mL
  11. RVB LAB - Hyalu C+ Illuminating Anti-Age Cream 50mL
  12. RVB LAB - Meso Fill Perfecting Colour-Corrective Cream 50mL Tinted 50
  13. RVB LAB - Hyalu C+ Illuminating Repairman Antioxidant 30mL
  14. RVB LAB - Meso Body 3 in 1 Silt Cream 250mL
  15. RVB LAB - Microbioma Soothing Eye Contour Cream 15mL
  16. RVB LAB - Meso Body Meso Dren Hyperosmotic Epsom Gel Salts 250mL
  17. RVB LAB - Meso Fill Two-Phase Micellar Lotion 400mL
  18. RVB LAB - Microbioma Balancing Hydra Toner 200mL
  19. RVB LAB - Microbioma Anti-Imperfection Serum 30mL
  20. RVB LAB - Smart Tan Self-Tanning Drops 50mL
  21. RVB LAB - Meso Body Meso Peel Smoothing Perfecting Serum 250mL
  22. RVB LAB - Meso Body Kit: Hyperosmotic Gel Salts 250mL + 3 In-1 Silt Cream 250mL + Bag 1 un.
  23. RVB LAB - Kit More and More - Christmas Special 1 un.
  24. RVB LAB - Meso Fill Kit - Christmas Special 1 un.
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