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Nature has the power to produce active substances with a unique and powerful action. Puressentiel has the know-how: selecting them, controlling their effects and associating them with your health and well-being. The products and solutions are based on essential oils.

  1. Puressentiel - Muscle Strain Massage Oil 100mL
  2. Puressentiel - Purifying Air Spray 200mL
  3. Puressentiel - Resp Ok Air Spray 20mL
  4. Puressentiel - Mint and Eucalyptus Gums for Irritated Throat 45g
  5. Puressentiel - Purifying Air Spray 75mL
  6. Puressentiel - SOS Insects Spray for Children and Adults 75mL
  7. Puressentiel - Resp Ok Throat Spray 15mL
  8. Puressentiel - SOS Insects Multi-Calming Cream for Children and Adults 40mL
  9. Puressentiel - Muscles and Articulations Roll-On 75mL
  10. Puressentiel - Resp Ok Massage Balm 50mL
  11. Puressentiel - Resp Ok Hypertonic Nasal Spray 15mL
  12. Puressentiel - Purifying Antibacterial Gel without Washing 80mL
  13. Puressentiel - Purifying Antibacterial Spray Lotion without Washing 80mL
  14. Puressentiel - Resp Ok Throat Syrup 125mL
  15. Puressentiel - Neutral Tablets for Oral Intake of Essential Oils 30 pills
  16. Puressentiel - SOS Insects Spray for Baby 60mL
  17. Puressentiel - SOS Insects Multi-Calming Baby Cream 30mL