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In 1920, founder Nadia PAYOT had the ambition to emancipate women by bringing them well-being and confidence through the development of skin care products that would reveal their beauty. She invented the idea of facial gymnastics that led to the 42-movement massage.

  1. Payot - DĂ©odorant Roll-On Douceur Alcohol-Free 75mL
  2. Payot - Supreme Jeunesse Le SĂ©rum Global Youth Micropearls Serum 30mL
  3. Payot - Lisse Smoothing Eyes and Lips Care 15mL
  4. Payot - Sunny Magic Mousse Ă  Bronzer Tan Activator 200mL
  5. Payot - Lisse 10-Day Express Radiance and Wrinkle Treatment 20x1mL
  6. Payot - Face Moving Gua Sha Face Lifting 1 un.
  7. Payot - Rituel Corps DĂ©odorant Neutral 75mL
  8. Payot - My Payot Vitamin-Rich Radiance Cream 50mL
  9. Payot - Crème Mains Velours Velvet Hand Cream 75mL
  10. Payot - Sunny Refreshing After-Sun Care 200mL
  11. Payot - My Payot Masque Sleep & Glow 50mL
  12. Payot - Pâte Grise Stop Pimple Original Paste 15mL
  13. Payot - Pâte Grise Blackhead Solution 30mL
  14. Payot - Pâte Grise Mattifying Bi-Phase Powder Lotion 200mL
  15. Payot - Sunny Huile de RĂŞve Sublimating Tan Effect 100mL SPF15
  16. Payot - Rituel Douceur Nourishing Body Cream 200mL
  17. Payot - Pâte Grise Spéciale 5 15mL
  18. Payot - Crème N°2 CC Cream 40mL SPF50+
  19. Payot - Herbier Nourishing Massage Bar 50g
  20. Payot - Pâte Grise Purifying Exfoliating Stick 50mL
  21. Payot - SuprĂŞme Fortifying Pro-Age Cream 50mL
  22. Payot - Roselift Collagène Regard Lifting Eye Care 15mL
  23. Payot - SuprĂŞme Jeunesse Jour 50mL
  24. Payot - Pâte Grise Purifying Foaming Gel Cleanser 200mL
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