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by Cantabria Labs

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Cantabria Labs was founded in 1989 in Spain. It comprises a group of companies dedicated to Dermatology with an annual growth rate of more than 23%.

Cantabria Labs is the new corporate identity of IFC that was born to unite the different companies and subsidiaries at a global level and reaffirm their fundamental values.

The motto "Celebrate life" represents the values and identity: "Entrepreneurs", "Innovators" and "Close". Combined with a resilient, joyful and optimistic spirit they are the foundation that helps focus on improving the health of all families.



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Neostrata is widely recognized for its ongoing research and discovery of ingredients such as glycolic acid, it is also a benchmark in dermatological medicine.


A brand that offers a set of solutions based on Polyhydroxy acids technology to meet the needs of all skin types in a highly effective way! Meet Triple Firming Neck Cream, developed to treat the signs of photoaging of the neck and neckline skin.



More than 50% of skin problems are due to difficulties in renewal and formation of the stratum corneum. Dr. Eugene Van Scott and Dr. Rey Yu were determined to find a way to positively influence the formation of new layers of the skin and normalize the keratinization process. They found a set of ingredients with deep action in the development, maturation and renewal of the epidermis: Alpha-hydroxy acids (AHA). An absolutely innovative discovery that forever altered the dermocosmetic approach in the treatment of skin conditions! They showed that continued use of AHAs had not only benefits in the treatment of skin diseases, but were also highly effective in rejuvenating aged skin. From this discovery was born in 1988 NeoStrata, a brand that offers a set of solutions based on technology of poly-hydroxy acids to give highly effective response to the needs of all skin types!

  1. Neostrata - Skin Active Intensive Eye Therapy 15g
  2. Neostrata - Skin Active Matrix Support Redensifying Cream 50g SPF30
  3. Neostrata - Skin Active Cellular Restoration Cream 50g
  4. Neostrata - Skin Active Matrix Support SPF30 50 G + Cellular Restoration 50 G 1 un.
  5. Neostrata - Skin Active Triple Firming Neck Cream 80g
  6. Neostrata - Resurface High Potency Gel Anti-Wrinkle with 20% AHA 30mL
  7. Neostrata - Resurface Gel Plus with 15% Glycolic Acid 100mL
  8. Neostrata - Clarify Gel Plus Salicylic with 15% AHA 100mL
  9. Neostrata - Bionica Anti-Wrinkle Moisturising Antioxidant Cream 50mL
  10. Neostrata - Correct Antioxidant Defense Serum 30mL
  11. Neostrata - Skin Active Tri-Therapy Lifting Serum 30mL
  12. Neostrata - Resurface High Potency R Serum Gel 50mL
  13. Neostrata - Resurface Hight Potency Cream Anti-Wrinkle with 20% AHA 30g
  14. Neostrata - Restore Bionica Eye Contour Anti-Wrinkles and Dark Circles 15mL
  15. Neostrata - Clarify Salizinc Gel Sebum Regulator for Acne-Prone Skin with 10% AHA 50mL
  16. Neostrata - Skin Active Dermal Replenishment 50g
  17. Neostrata - Resurface Body Lotion Plus with 15% Glycolic Acid 200mL
  18. Neostrata - Skin Active Exfoliating Wash 125mL
  19. Neostrata - Restore Redness Neutralizing Anti-Aging Serum 29g
  20. Neostrata - Resurface Anti-Aging Cream Plus with 8% Acid Glycolic 30mL
  21. Neostrata - Citriate Home System Peeling Pads 6x1,5mL
  22. Neostrata - Refine Oily Skin Solution Exfoliant Tonic with 8% Glycolic Acid 100mL
  23. Neostrata - Resurface Foaming Glycolic Wash with 20% AHA 125mL