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Lactacyd® has been developed to provide gentle intimate hygiene while respecting the sensitivity and needs of female genital areas. This way, all the products from this brand allow to prevent the development of unwanted bacteria and fungi and provide more comfort; always respecting the natural flora of this delicate area of the female body.

  1. Lactacyd - Lactacyd Intimate Gel for Daily Hygiene 400mL
  2. Lactacyd - Derma Hypoallergenic Gel without Shower Emulsion for Face and Body 1000mL
  3. Lactacyd - Lactacyd Ultra-Hydrating 200mL
  4. Lactacyd - Lactacyd Girl Gel for Intimate Hygiene 200mL
  5. Lactacyd - Lactacyd Pharma Prebiotic 250mL
  6. Lactacyd - Lactacyd Intimate Gel for Daily Hygiene 200mL
  7. Lactacyd - Precious Oil Ultra Soft Intimal Hygiene 200mL
  8. Lactacyd - Lactacyd Antiseptic Intimate Hygiene Pregnancy Postpartum 250mL
  9. Lactacyd - Lactacyd Soothing Intimate Hygiene During Infection and Irritation 250mL
  10. Lactacyd - Lactacyd Intimate Wipes for Daily Hygiene Pack 10 un.
  11. Lactacyd - Lactacydsensitive Intimate Hygiene for Teenagers 250mL
  12. Lactacyd - Med Shower Gel 500mL


    Med Shower Gel 500mL

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