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Galenic science. This is the science behind Galénic's name. A story born, in 1970, in Paris, by the talented and wise hands of the visionary pharmacist Pierre Fabre. A brand of excellence that combines the seriousness of pharmacy with the refinement of aesthetics. The best combinations and the most suitable compounds to ensure the effectiveness of the active ingredients at the same time that arouse emotions and pleasure of the senses.
GALÉNIC - Beauty born from Nature

  1. Galenic - Aqua Urban Invisible Shield Anti-Pollution 40mL SPF50+
  2. Galenic - Pureté Sublime Renewal Skin Lotion 200mL
  3. Galenic - Confort Suprême Light Nutrition Cream 50mL
  4. Galenic - Aqua Infini Refreshing Cream Normal to Dry Skin 50mL
  5. Galenic - Ophycée Night Care Smoothing 50mL
  6. Galenic - Ophycée Correcting and Wrinkles' Filling Serum 30mL
  7. Galenic - Secret D'Excellence Global Anti-Aging Serum 30mL
  8. Galenic - Pur Cleansing Foam-Cream Makeup Remover 150mL
  9. Galenic - Aqua Porcelaine Light Activating Lotion 200mL
  10. Galenic - Diffuseur de Beauté Luminosity and Smoothness Care 50mL
  11. Galenic - Pureté Sublime Exfoliating Powder for All Skin Types 30g
  12. Galenic - Masques Beauté Resfresing Moisturising Mask 50mL
  13. Galenic - Beauté de Nuit Crono-Active Night Gel 50mL
  14. Galenic - Aqua Porcelaine Unifying and Illuminating Serum 30mL
  15. Galenic - Masques de Beauté Cold Purifying Mask 50mL
  16. Galenic - Teint Lumière Flash Retouches Corrector Brush 2mL Tinted
  17. Galenic - Teint Lumière Beautifying Moisturizing 30mL Tan
  18. Galenic - Teint Lumière Beautifying Moisturizing 30mL Light
  19. Galenic - Beauté Du Regard Cream for Eyes Crio-Booster 15mL
  20. Galenic - Pureté Sublime Exfoliant Mask Express 50mL
  21. Galenic - Ophycée Correction Cream for Dry Skin 50mL
  22. Galenic - Ophycée Correcting Emulsion Normal Skin 50mL
  23. Galenic - Sculpteur de Perfection Eyes Tightening Care 15mL
  24. Galenic - Ophycée Smoothing Illuminatoing Eye Creams 15mL
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