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Elvive offer hair products for achieve healthy and beautiful hair! In 1971, a time when hair care was only used to wash hair, L'Óreal goes further and created a conditioner for damaged hair, at the time under the name Elsève. Nowadays the brand still exists, all over the world under the name Elvive or Elsève, depending of the country.

  1. Elvive - Dream Long Magic Water 200mL
  2. Elvive - Color Vive Magic Water 200mL
  3. Elvive - Extraordinary Oil Multi-Purpose Nourishing Serum 100mL
  4. Elvive - Glycolic Gloss Lamination Treatment 200mL
  5. Elvive - Bond Repair Leave-In 150mL
  6. Elvive - Bond Repair Pre-Shampoo 200mL
  7. Elvive - Extraordinary Oil Coconut Oil 100mL
  8. Elvive - Extraordinary Oil Midnight Serum 100mL
  9. Elvive - Bond Repair Conditioner 150mL
  10. Elvive - Glycolic Gloss Conditioner 150mL
  11. Elvive - Glycolic Gloss Shampoo 200mL
  12. Elvive - Glycolic Gloss Illuminating Serum 150mL
  13. Elvive - Dream Long Serum Stop Frizz 100mL
  14. Elvive - Bond Repair Shampoo 200mL
  15. Elvive - Elvive Full Resist Power Hair Mask 680mL
  16. Elvive - Dream Long Fibre Mask XXL 400mL
  17. Elvive - Dream Long Reconstructing Shampoo 1000mL
  18. Elvive - Hyaluron Pure Purifying Pre-Shampoo Serum 100mL
  19. Elvive - Elvive Color Vive Shampoo Violet Neutralizer 200mL
  20. Elvive - Hydra Hyaluronic Magic Water 200mL
  21. Elvive - Hidra Hydraluronic Shampoo 400mL
  22. Elvive - Hidra Hyaluronic Pre-Filling Serum 150mL
  23. Elvive - Dream Long Defeat the Heat Spray 150mL
  24. Elvive - Elvive Extraordinary Oil Hair Mask 300mL
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