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Corega is a complete range of products for dental prosthesis care. These products help improve the comfort and oral health of people who use full or partial dentures. Life should not be boring and should be lived to the fullest! Corega wants to help you live a carefree life with your prosthetic, enjoy your favorite foods, laugh and be close to your loved ones.

  1. Corega - Cleansing Foam for Dental Prosthesis 125mL
  2. Corega - Cleansing Tablets Orthodontic and Gutters 36 un.
  3. Corega - Whitening Cleansing Tablets Form Dental Prosthesis 30 un.
  4. Corega - Super Fixative Cream without Zinc 40g
  5. Corega - Total Action Max for Cleaning Dental Prosthesis 36 un.
  6. Corega - Fixative Cream without Flavor 70g
  7. Corega - Fixative Cream without Flavor 40g