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Dermatological shampoos, with active ingredients adapted to each condition of the scalp!
With effective formulas that have been the subject of clinical studies and dermatological evaluations that always serve with a maximum result.

  1. Caditar - Anti Hair Loss Complement Shampoo 150mL
  2. Caditar - Antiseborrheic Shampoo 150mL
  3. Caditar - Zéro Shampoo 150mL


    Zéro Shampoo 150mL

    $ 11.27 $ 14.34 

  4. Caditar - Greasy Hair Shampoo 150mL
  5. Caditar - Dry Hair Shampoo 150mL
  6. Caditar - Anti Hair Loss Serum 100mL
  7. Caditar - Anti-Dandruff Shampoo 150mL