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With solutions tailored to all kinds of foot problems, Akileïne is the right choice for your care and comfort. Foot cares that relieve and treat to make you feel confident with every step! Akileïne - Hygiene and comfort that lasts

  1. Akileine - Cicaleine Repairing Cream Hands and Feet 50mL
  2. Akileine - D'Âme Nature Deo-Freshness Mist 100mL
  3. Akileine - Akilhiver Cream Prevention and Treatment of Chilblains 100mL
  4. Akileine - Nutri-Repair Cream for Very Dry Feet 50mL
  5. Akileine - Multi-Protective Cream for Diabetic Feet 150mL
  6. Akileine - Sports Nok Anti-Friction Cream 75mL
  7. Akileine - Antiperspirant Powder for Feet and Footwear 75g
  8. Akileine - Akilhiver Cream Prevention and Treatment of Chilblains 30mL
  9. Akileine - Scrub Cream for Feets 75mL
  10. Akileine - Hydra Defense Balm for Very Dry Feet 125mL
  11. Akileine - Deo Spray Transparent Bi-Active 100mL
  12. Akileine - Revitalizing Night Mask for Feet 100mL
  13. Akileine - Kerato-Smoothing Balm 75 mL 75mL
  14. Akileine - Relaxing Foot Bath Salts 300g
  15. Akileine - Phytogel Cold Effect for Tired Legs 150mL
  16. Akileine - Feet Intensive Antiperspirant Gel 75mL
  17. Akileine - Gel Freshness Alive for Tired Feets 125mL
  18. Akileine - Relaxing Balm for Tired and Swollen Feet 50mL
  19. Akileine - Shoe Spray for Very Strong Perspiration 150mL
  20. Akileine - Cold Feet Cream 75mL
  21. Akileine - Sports Start Warm Up Gel 75mL
  22. Akileine - Phytospray Cold Effect for Tired Legs 75mL
  23. Akileine - Intense Freshness Spray for Tired Legs and Feets 150mL
  24. Akileine - Antiperspirant Feet Cream 50mL
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