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Baby Soothing Oat Bath Soak - Aveeno

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    Aveeno Baby Soothing Oat Bath Soak  5x21 g
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Aveeno - Baby Soothing Oat Bath Soak 5x21 g

Baby Soothing Oat - Aveeno

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Baby Soothing Oat Bath Soak has been specifically formulated for the sensitive and atopic skin of the baby. 

Gently cleanses, moisturizing the most fragile skin.

Suitable for the skin of babies and children!

Formulated based on 100% natural colloidal oats and a moisturizing agent specially designed to minimize the risk of allergies (hypoallergenic).

Respects microflora and skin pH, while strengthening the skin barrier.

Relieves itching and prevents dryness of the skin.

Without soap and suitable for children from 6 months and adults.


How to use


Place the contents of a bag in warm running water, in the bathtub.

Shake any product residues on the bottom and use a non-slip mat to prevent the child from slipping.

The bath should last between 15 and 30 minutes at most.


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