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    Uriage Hyséac k18 unclogging skin care for oily skin with black heads 40ml
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Uriage - Hyséac k18 unclogging skin care for oily skin with black heads 40ml

Uriage - Uriage hyséac k18




Hyséac K18 is a light, moisturizing and non-greasy emulsion.

A Keratolytic care that promotes the uncloging of pores and limit the apearance of new blemishes, thanks to a perfectly tolerated AHA complex.

Its complete formula has Licorice extract which limits the excess oils.

Daily keratolytic and seborregulating care

Day after day, the pore diameter is reduced, the blemishes are diminish and the skin becomes thinner.

Quick and effective action: eliminate blemishes and reduces the diameter of the pores.

The complexion is softer, luminous and matified.

Demonstrated effectiveness in oily, acne-prone skin.


How to use





Apply one to two times a day after facial hygiene (with Hyséac Cleansing Gel or Hyséac Cleansing Water).

Avoid the eye contour.

With sun exposure, apply Hyséac Solar Fluid SPF50 + or SPF30.

Hyséac - Adapted Cares

In oily skins, it's quite common to develop acne which appears mostly in adolescence, being the worst-affected areas, the face, back and chest.

When there are imperfections (pimples, black spots, microquists) there are specific cares to limit their appearance and smooth the skin grain.

Hyséac provides the answer for the prevention and treatment of acne.



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