Bariederm Unguento Fissures and Cracks - Uriage

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    Uriage Bariéderm Fissures and Cracks  40 g
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Uriage - Bariéderm Fissures and Cracks 40 g

Uriage Bariéderm Fissures, Crevasses - Uriage

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The skin, when exposed to extreme weather conditions, aggressive therapeutic, aggressive agents (ex: detergents), can develop cracks or fissures that cause discomfort, pain, and may infect.

In these cases, the skin needs to be repaired and isolated from the aggressive agents.

Bariéderm Ointment
Treatment of cracks and fissures

This care repairs recent or old cracks and fissures.
Its application is painless and its texture penetrates the skin, without implying friction on it.

Suitable for application in the hands, feet, elbows, knees.

Used in efficacy studies on breastfeeding fissures, with excellent results.

Bariéderme cracks and fissures, contains in its composition Poly-2 p (exclusive formula of Uriage Laboratories)-an Association of polymers 2 with multiple actions on the skin:

  • Isolate the surface,
  • Fix in depth, to restore the epidermis,
  • Soften, to rehydrate the dried areas,
  • Calm, to give comfort.

How to use






The product should be applied with a spatula, on the fissures and cracks, 1 or 2 times/day, until repairing.

Without perfume or preservatives. Hypoallergenic.




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