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Eye quintessence day and night eye contour duo - Talika

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    Talika Eye quintessence day and night eye contour duo 10+10ml
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Talika - Eye quintessence day and night eye contour duo 10+10ml

Eye quintessence - Talika

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A double care for the skin of your eye contour, that will act globally on the signs of age and accumulated fatigue.

Inspired by the phototherapy, the Talika developed the Eye quintessence day and night eye contour duo, which as in light a key factor for getting a high effectiveness while combating the signs of age.

1 product, 2 formulations: for all the concerns that affect your eye contour.

It's formulas have been optimized in order to respond to the different requirements that your skin has during day and night:

  • Day cream, with the restorative action of an enzyme activated that is activated by both natural an artificial light, thus promoting cell's DNA repair. Additionally, this products also includes aescin with anti-puffiness and anti-dark circles action, which is paired with illuminatingniacinamide (vitamin B3), that gives you a brighter look. For an immediate lifting effect, this product also contains konjac fiber.
  • Night serum, which has the same light-activated enzyme, as well as Sigesbeckia orientalisextract that firms and smoothes wrinkles. Addtionally, the silk extract protects skin from free radicals.

How to Use






Apply eqch formula day and night under appropriate occasions.

It can also be applied on the eyelid.


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