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Aqua vitale de-puffing eye gel - Swiss Line

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    Swiss Line Aqua vitale de-puffing eye gel 15ml
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Swiss Line - Aqua vitale de-puffing eye gel 15ml

Swiss Line - Aqua vitale de-puffing eye gel

Swiss Line



Aqua vitale de-puffing eye gel reduces dark circles and attenuates the puffiness, for a look more radiant.

Look more radiant and comfortable.


A texture gel, fragrance-free and alcohol-free, promotes a complete care for your eyes, that goes beyond hydration. For it has:

  • De-puffing complex: made from purified soy and rice peptides that improves blood haemodynamics and microcirculation, reduces the proteolytic breakdown of collagen and elastin matrix, while protecting the action of free radicals and UV damage, reducing discomfort.
  • Anti-fatigue complex consisting of two key ingredients: Rhodiola Rosea, known to increase the consumption of cellular oxygen level and this results in an energized and protected skin. The Organic Alpine Skullcap (Scutellaria alpina) extract helps in increasing blood circulation.
  • Alpine plant extracts: Edelweiss, Coltsfoot and Yellow Gentian leaves soothe, moisturize and soften the skin and protects from the oxidation.

How to use

Swiss Line




Apply cream morning and/or night, the eye contour.

Can be applied alone or before the usual eye cream.


Force Vitale

An anti-aging collection, inspired by the Alpine ecosystem. It combines powerful botanical extracts with proven efficacy, along with natural powerful anti-oxidants to soften, moisturize and protect the skin against signs of premature aging. This line provides targeted care to visibly improve skin texture and appearance in general.


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