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Cell Shock Age Intelligence Youth Inducing Cream - Swiss Line

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    Swiss Line Cell Shock Age Intelligence Youth Inducing Cream 50 mL
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Swiss Line - Cell Shock Age Intelligence Youth Inducing Cream 50 mL

Cell Shock Age Intelligence Youth Inducing Cream - Swiss Line

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Swiss Line


The answer to the needs of mature skin.

A moisturizing care with extraordinary rejuvenating benefits, which is designed to the needs of mature skin.

It consists of the synergistic combination of various ingredients that counteract the signs of aging.

Say goodbye to sagging, wrinkles, pigmentation and large pores!

Cell Shock Age Intelligence Youth-Inducing Cream effectively fights all signs of aging, a combination of several active ingredients, one of the most complex formulas of Swissline.
Transforms the internal structure of the skin and restores brightness and uniformity of complexion. All for younger and brighter skin.

The cream contains in its composition:

  • Stem Cell Pulse, stem cell from the decaffeinated coffee plant (Coffea bengalensis), gives density to your skin and fills wrinkles by potentiating the collagen production in the dermis. The stem cells significantly reduces free radicals, thereby improving cellular vitality.
  • RAB27A Molecule, active fraction obtained from Palmaria palmata seaweed, limits the transport of melanosomes (melanin transport system) to keratinocytes by reducing the anchoring protein synthesis. Contrary excess pigmentation and age spots.
  • Arginine / Lysine, mixture of peptides that showed to improve cutaneous density and self-healing mechanism, providing anti-glycation action.
  • Elastomer, polymer complex which instantly smoothes fine lines and visibly erases pores. Blurs light reflection improving skin's appearance.
  • Cellactel 2 + Madecassoside Complex, maximizes the effect of the remaining constituents of the formula. The Cellactel 2 helps in cellular oxygenation, to preserve energy and metabolize it effectively. Madecassoside, combating irritation and acts on immune disorders and environmental attack, reducing the release of pro-inflammatory epidermal messengers (cytokines and prostaglandins).

Its unique texture, soft-touch, makes it a must-have in anti-aging care.

How to use

Swiss Line





Apply on face and neck in the morning and evening, before your regular beauty regimen (cleanser, toner, serum).

Massage in circular motions on the face and downward movements in the neck (from the jaw line to the décolleté).


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