08 August 2021

Winter care

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Written by SweetCare Beauty Experts

Winter can be delicious! At this season, we want to sleep more during the weekends, and it's the season to get cozy at home, among blankets, movies and family activities. However, our skin, hair and organism resent after artificial heating and the few hours we spend outside, that despite being rare, are normally cold and windy.

At SweetCare we want you to remember only the things that make it so special! Therefore, we suggest you several tips and products that you can use during your daily routine so that you the whole family can always be comfortable!



These regions of our body are permanently exposed to environmental aggressions, so tend to dehydrate more easily. But both the skin of the hands and the lips have particularities that make them more vulnerable to dryness. On the one hand, our hands are constantly touching objects and they are washed several times throughout the day, so they may become especially dry amongst people who use detergents and disinfectants regularly. On the other hand, our lips are frequently dry, since ist skin doesn't have sebaceous glands producing fat and it is also extremely thin.

To prevent and treat both our dry hands and lip,s it is essential to apply moisturizing products several times throughout the day and every time you wash your hands or finish your meals. Before you lie down, you can even strengthen your care by applying a good coat of hand cream and moisturizing lipstick! This way, youwill wake up with the perfectly regenerated mouth and hands, ready to face another day!

So that you can have the best care at your disposal, we have chosen some of our favorites:


MartidermEucerinUriageCreme de mãos e unhas - Caudalíe











How does winter affect the behavior of our body? A lot! At this time of year we eat less fruit, we spend less time under the sun, humidity also increases and we are more susceptible to viral infections that proliferate more easily during cold days.

Glucosamine is essential for our body to synthesize the cartilage that makes up the joints, and its prolonged intake associated with chondroitin and vitamin C helps to recover the cartilage that is degrading over time. Some studies also indicate that its long-term intake may contribute to reduce joint pain associated with loss of cartilage tissue. At this time of year, when joint pain is more frequent, it may be worthwhile supplementing your diet.

Also during Winter, there is a higher incidence of viral infections. It isn't possible to avoid them, but we can prevent them by washing our hands more often, avoiding contact with infected people, and providing our body with all the nutrients it needs to combat the aggressions to which it is exposed. Zinc and vitamin C help prevent the onset of these infections, and echinacea extract can help speed up the disappearance of symptoms.

Vitamin D is essential for the formation of bone mass, but also for a great number of biological processes that occur daily in our body, and especially our immunity. However, vitamin D can not be absorved from our diet, thus being produced by our body whenever the skin is exposed to solar radiation. So, during the winter we spend less time under the sun, and we are more predisposed to a decrease on our immune capacity. So if you are prone to bone density loss or you spend a lot of time at home at this time of year, you may need to supplement this nutrient.

Fruits and vegetables are some of the biggest sources of vitamins and trace elements we can find in our diet. However, most people eat less of these foods during the cold season. Therefore, when there is a consumption reduction of the few sources of vitamins that we have on our diet, it may be relevant to take a multivitamin supplement.

BioActivoWin FitBioActivoCentrum






Our hair protects us from the cold, the rain, and the aggressions from the environment. However, the hair itself requires some care, so that it doesn't become dry, dull and brittle.

How to do it during our daily routine? It's very easy! Just keep using a shampoo that is suitable for your scalp, whether it's skin is sensitive, dry, oily and even if you suffer from dandruff. After that, you only have to chose nutritious conditioning and styling products that will restore hydration and natural hair oils, while they seal the cuticles on the hair fiber.

Don't know where to start? Don't worry! We can help :)


Rene FurtererKerastaseDucrayPhyto






Whatever is our skin type, we all need moisturization during this time of year! Wind, cold and artificial heating are the worst enemies of our skin, and during this time of year it is essential to have a good moisturizer.

Dry skin needs nutrition and some occlusion, so the creamy and balmy textures as well as the oils will be the most indicated.

On the contrary, oily skin needs essentially water and other ingredients that attract it to the surface of the skin. Therefore, the best textures will always be the lightest, in fluids and gel creams. And neither acne is an excuse! Some studies prove that dehydration and lack of essential fatty acids on the surface of the skin contribute to the appearance of pimples and redness.

As for sensitive skin, whoever has it knows very well how important it is to keep the skin moisturized! It's better to choose textures adapted to the person's skin type, containing preferably  soothing ingredients and redness correcting pigments.

Lastly, we can't forget our little ones! In this case, the nutritious creams are also the best option, protecting the skin from dehydration and redness.

Dry skin






Oily Skin

Youth LabLa Roche PosayBiodermaSVR





Sensitive skin

SVRUriageLa Roche PosayLierac












It's true that tastes can't be discussed!

But during this colder season, there is a tendency to look for warmer and cozy tones, such as rosy, brown or wine colors. On the other hand, at this thime of year our skin becomes lighter, and there are some people who cant't live without a bronzy color on the face.

Therefore, we offer you some products that will certainly fit you as a glove!


Vita LiberataLa Roche PosayCliniqueClinique






As far as hydration is concerned, the skin from our body is probably the most neglected! It's true that the less exposed areas don't complain so much, but it's important to continue nourish them so that the skin stays moisturized, smooth and elastic!

On the other hand, those who have dry skin will certainly not forget to take care of this area.

To please all skin types, ages and sensitivities, we suggest some products that will provide your skin health, comfort and brightness during this winter :)


SVRBiodermaA DermaEucerin











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