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Weak and Brittle Nails? Isdin Si-Nails Is the Solution!

07 December 2022

There are several causes that can alter the quality of the nails and consequently lead to their fragility. People affected by weak and brittle nails have repercussions on the aesthetic level and on their quality of life.


Nails have as their main function to protect the fingertips from mechanical damage and facilitate the precise movements of the fingers, increasing their tactile sensitivity and gripping capacity.1

Nail fragility is very common, affecting up to 20% of the population, and its incidence increases with age.2


The degree of hydration of the nails affects their physical properties. Therefore, dehydration of the nails, caused by frequent washing of the hands with detergents, excessive use of cosmetic products, such as acetone, varnishes, or color cosmetics that use ultraviolet radiation (such as gel, gel nails, and acrylic nails), reduce the flexibility of the nails and increase their fragility.1

In addition, the continuous use of this type of color cosmetic or varnish, which is more and more frequent, causes its various ingredients, when applied to the nail and exposed to ultraviolet radiation, which results in greater penetration and increase in volume of the substances, to degrade and alter the architecture of the keratin fibers of the nails.1

On the other hand, there are other causes that may lead to fragile nails, such as inadequate care, use of toxic substances, allergies, fungal diseases (onychomycosis), or serious systemic diseases (psoriasis, renal failure, iron deficiency, hyperthyroidism, among others).2

All of these causes cause the nail to lose its healthy appearance, characterized by a bright, pink color and a smooth surface.1

Weak and brittle nails require care, and addressing the primary cause is the first step. In addition, it is important to protect nails and to opt for biomineral supplementation, which is a must for nails.

ISDIN SI-NAILS® is a topical nail strengthener specifically developed to strengthen and promote nail growth, as well as to protect and improve the appearance of nails.


Its ingredients promote stronger, stronger, and more hydrated nails:

  • Pistacia lentiscus oil: helps stimulate the production of hard keratins in the nail, which promote its hardness
  • Silanediol salicylate: increases the silicon content in the nail, remineralizing it and contributing to its growth in good condition
  • Cationic hyaluronic acid: with a penetration rate 17 times higher than that of ordinary hyaluronic acid, it provides the necessary moisture to give the nail flexibility, restoring its healthy look to the nail and cuticle
  • Biosaccharide gum-2: helps form a protective film on the surface of the nail, protecting it from external aggressions

Applying a product to the nails is not always easy or convenient. That is why ISDIN SI-NAILS® has a practical format, in pen with brush, and, with just one click, can be applied on each nail.

This nail strengthener can be applied to fingernails and toenails, and because it is a water-soluble solution, it should be applied at night, preferably, to ensure that the product is not removed with hand washing.

ISDIN SI-NAILS® strengthens and promotes nail growth, with visible results as of 14 days.2


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