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Klorane's Contribution to Saving Water!

08 March 2022

Waterless Cosmetics! It's nothing new, but sometimes we don't have the most refined perception when it comes to the availability (or lack of it) of our planet's natural resources.


Let's talk about water!

PROTECTING WATER is the great environmental challenge of the 21st century.

At the current rate of consumption, the World Health Organization (WHO) estimates that by 2025, about two-thirds of the world's population could be threatened by water scarcity.

Water is a PRECIOUS resource, indispensable to life and biodiversity. If we take into account that freshwater represents only 3% of the total water on the planet, and that less than 1% is naturally drinkable and accessible, it becomes imperative to rethink habits and behaviors in favor of saving water.

KLORANE, one of the leading brands of natural dermo-cosmetics, with its strong pharmaceutical and botanical heritage, meeting the needs of consumers without ever compromising the naturalness, safety and efficacy of its products, has never stopped exploring and protecting plant heritage.

The trend for cosmetics even cleaner, even more ethical that integrate in its design an environmental awareness, make KLORANE a brand "trend setter" to innovate and introduce a new category "WATERLESS" in the market, in which water saving is the priority, not only in the design of the product, but also in its use.

Champôs Sólidos Klorane

The Klorane Solid Shampoo range is a perfect example of this commitment.

This solid texture makes it possible to offer a formula without preservatives and stabilizers, focusing on the main ingredients (emollients and active ingredients), using the minimum amount of water needed: about 90% less compared to a liquid shampoo, in eco-designed packaging, also reducing the use of plastic.  


Champôs Secos Klorane

Also the Klorane Dry Shampoo range, responding to current trends of "on-the-go" consumption, uses 96% less water in its production and if we use once a week a dry shampoo instead of a liquid shampoo, we can save around 500 liters of water per year.

When more than 70% of consumers want to SAVE water in their beauty routine, Klorane wants to be at the forefront and contribute to this joint mission.

If part of the solution can be to offer more eco-responsible products that are friendly to the environment and natural resources, let's start with small gestures that will certainly make a huge difference... for the planet and for each one of us.

KLORANE, we take care of Nature, we take care of you!