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March news!

The best beauty news has arrived in our store and you will not want to miss a pinch! Get to know everything first hand!


News for everyone!

Solar, exfoliating, a solution for white hair, and much more!
This month of March is filled with beauty news, and as is our habit, we couldn't help but to share it all with you!


/img/blog/-1309_01.jpg It's unbelievable but spring starts this month and so the news with a view in the summer, have already started to be lunched!

1. Inneov - Bronze+ tan enhancer helps to prepare the skin to sun exposure
Indicated for people with a history of photosensitivity skin in order to prepare it for the Sun and so minimize the probability of reaction sensitizing to the Sun, boosting a beautiful Tan, uniform and healthy. Protect your skin from the Sun and boost your tan safely!

2.Bioderma Photoderm-nude touch mineral protector spf50
100% mineral, ultra-mate and anti-imperfeições action, is the sunscreen with you always dreamed of; ensuring a skin without glare by 8:00 and a very high protection against UV radiation. The ideal Protector for oily to mixed, and with tendency to the development of imperfections. After application, the innovative formula and your fluid becomes powder 30 seconds after application, guaranteed always a uniform scattering all over the surface of the skin and a long-lasting hydration to prevent the removal of protection and lack of uniformity of color.

3.La Roche Posay - Anthelios sun intolerance skin sensitive to uv radiation
To prevent the symptoms of fotodermatoses, La Roche Posay innovated once again and created the sunscreen Anthelios Sun Intolerance! Ideal in case of "Sun allergy" and for all the skins especially sensitive to the Sun.
La Roche Posay - Anthelios Pigmentation for skin with dark spots
Sunscreen directed to the needs of those who have a tendency to the development of this type dark spots and blemishes.
Both guards, in addition to a UVB protection 50 + SPF and UVA 39 (PPD), have pigments that provide visible radiation protection as well as a broad spectrum of protection; allowing this way to shield the skin from all kinds of aggressions by avoiding the development of redness and the appearance of dark spots.

4. Vichy - Facial and body fluid pocket size spf50
Finally a format that combines a practical package and easy to carry, with a fluid and fast spreading formula for face and body, too! The opening with a tic tac system allows you to prevent the leakage of product that could dirty the clothes; allowing you to take it with you wherever you go! Format on-the-go with a light texture and fresh!

5. Heliocare - 360º color compact cushion foundation beige color spf 50+
Heliocare combines and creates  the  cushion foundation spf 50 + compact 360° color! Natural and protected Skin, with matte finish. It's formulation combines 3 different sunscreens, providing an effective protection in the face of radiation UVB, UVA, visible and IV-A. For an even more effective protection, this foundation has the patent Fernblock ® FC, which provides a true photo protection!


MISTS VICHY! To a more refreshing summer!

1. Vichy - Ideal soleil solar protective water enhanced tan spf30
Innovative technology added to this protective biphasic water. Associates broad-spectrum Filters + Beta carotenes + water mineralising Vichy, to activate the Tan! A haze of intense freshness  with optimal distribution of filters for great sun protection, in a formulation with mineralising Vichy water!!

2. Vichy - Ideal soleil solar protective water moisturizing spf30
This  protective biphasic water associates broad-spectrum Filters + action moisturizing hyaluronic acid + water mineralising Vichy! A fresh intense solar haze with a great distribution of filters, for optimum solar protection!!

3. Vichy - Ideal soleil solar protective water anti-oxidant spf30
This water associates broad-spectrum Filters with Blueberry polyphenols in anti-oxidant action and mineralising Vichy Water. Security and protection against premature aging of the skin. A haze of intense freshness solar with optimal distribution of filters for great sun protection, in a formulation with mineralising Vichy water!! ...


Klorane Ylang ylang Anti-salt | Anti-sand | Anti chlorine

4. Klorane - Ylang ylang oil for sun exposed hair
Take care and protect your hair with a single application of touch Klorane dry oil Ylang Ylang and prolong the health of your hair.

5. Klorane - Ylang ylang balm for sun exposed hair
Ideal for Hair Conditioner over exposed to the Sun, which nourishes, restructures and repairs the hair fiber; and  boosts the keratin!!!

6.Klorane - Ylang ylang shampoo for sun exposed hair
The shampoo that gently cleanses, nourishes in depth and  protects the hair fiber, so that Sun exposure do not damage your hair!



1. Clinique - Black head solution 7 day deep pore cleanse&scrub
Exfoliates and removes the black spots, in a formulation so soft that you can use 2 times a day, or, alternatively and for deep cleaning, use as a mask. Skin feels fresh, mate, with firmer aspect and with a refined texture. Their gentle Exfoliating agents remove dirt, excess oils and accumulated makeup, to instantly cleaner pores and noticeably smaller.

2. Clinique - Blackhead Solutions Self-Heating Blackhead Extractor
When mixed with water, its unique formula develops a feeling of heat, which gently open the clogged pores for easy removal of all dirt and oil that cause blackheads. The way to clearer skin, soft and without excessive brightness. The solution adopted by dermatologists to eliminate blackheads without pain, damage or scars since it reduces the appearance of pores, removes blackheads, clears the pores of impurities and oiliness and improves the softness and texture of the skin.

3. Clinique - Moisture surge 72-hour auto-replenishing hydrator
Moisture surge 72 hours helps skin to create its own source of hydration in order to continually hydrate it, using technology of Three Auto parts-Hydration. Skin feels fresh, firm and moisturized, thanks to moisturising ingredients such as hyaluronic acid and Glycerin.


Shiseido - Synchro Skin illuminator
A precious addition to your daily makeup, and that will allow you to highlight your face, the Synchro skin illuminator is a fresh and crystalline texture cream, which infuses the skin with perlescente shine!

Phyto - Phyto re30 repigmenting care white hair
Yes, you read right! A product that eliminates the gray hairs without pigment or coloring. Acts on hair root and returns the color and the hair despigmentados, until -30% less than white hair!


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