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Dermablend vs dermablend 3d correction

Meet the make-up foundation # 1 in the world, which hides perfectly blemishes, acne and tattoos!



The No. 1 makeup foundation in the world has a new presentation and promises to be as good or better than the traditional Dermablend!

Don't believe?! If you liked the original, this presentation you will LOOOVE!

Let meet the differences?



It is the "star product" of Vichy and one of the world's most sold makeup! Is the first choice of most women for several good reasons, that maintain loyalty like no other makeup foundation achieved to date.

Dermablend is targeted for skin with pigmentation problems such as dark-spots, vitiligo, or even tattoos! It has always been the aim of this foundation and therefore the high coverage power. However, this foundation was commonly used by oily skins with acne, to hide blemishes! But the truth is that it was mistakenly used by this skin types, because the Dermablend is not recommended for oily or acne-prone skins since it brings no benefit to them. On the contrary, the hyper sebum production undertakes the foundation coverage, and its comfortable  and creamy texture with no mattitying power, in a few hours showed a shinny skin. So Dermablend 3D was born to meet the needs of oily, acne-prone or rough skins! 

In Summary...

In summary

Dermablend 3D


It is the Dermablend Makeup directed to the skins with acne and imperfections, seeking a foundation with high coverage and at the same time that controls the oiliness of the skin throughout the day! Sounds impossible, right? But this Dermablend definitely fulfills its promises.

Dermablend 3D has numerous benefits that go far beyond simply beautiful skin. Let's investigate... This foundation enhances the treatment of acne, so it can be perfectly applied in conjunction with acne-prone or oiliness control skincare. It has the ability to even the skin, minimizing the appearance of open pores and skin roughness. And the top top top action of this foundation, is the optical effect, that coverage the the boss of blemishes! ;) But it's not all... The Dermablend 3D finish is mate, leaving the skin dry by 16hours, and the result is very natural, leaving a healthy and flawless look;) In a word: PERFECT!

In Summary...

In summary



"Camo Confessions" is a Dermablend|Youtube initiative that empowers and enables men and women who have overcome skin related obstacles to “blend in to stand out”. This uplifting campaign reveals the intimate confessions of how people have used Dermablend cosmetics to “blend in”, camouflaging their imperfections or tattoos and thus allowing them to “stand out” for who they are and not their skin concern.  The three realities that follow, Cassandra with severe acne, Cheri with Vitiligo and Rich with tattoos, are inspiring ... Peek and try not to move;)



Cassandra kicks off the campaign by sharing her story and how she has used Dermablend to stand out for who she is and not for her acne.



Cheri kicks off the campaign by sharing her story and how she has used Dermablend to stand out for who she is and not for her Vitiligo.




Rico AKA Zombie Boy kicks off the campaign by sharing his story and how he has used Dermablend at times in his life to be seen for who he is and not for his tattoos.


#perfect match



Dermablend Sos cover stick imperfection corrector

A success formula now more pliable and durable thanks to its new formulation with natural pigments + beeswax and carnauba + light oils.

A local correcting care developed to correct redness, uneven complexion, scars, tattoos, and any imperfection!

Dermablend Color correctors

Complexion correctors formulated with 100% pure mineral pigments that neutralize the imperfections and control the brightness all day.

Available in four different tones for 4 specific concerns:

-> GREEN || Neutralizes redness (rosacea, birthmarks, acne scars)

-> YELLOW || Dark Circles (dark blue circles, bruises, veins)

-> LILAC || Illuminates dull complexion (yellow or brown complexion)

-> PEACH || Disguise brown marks/spots (hyperpigmentation)

Dermablend covermatte compact powder foundation high coverage

The finishing care of high coverage makeup finally arrived!! Natural and matte finish!!

Vichy Dermablend's covermatte offers up to 12 hours of complete and constructive coverage with SPF 25 to camouflage minor to severe skin-mark concerns.

Dermablend make up setting powder

Suitable for sensitive, normal or oily skin!

To prolong and strengthen your makeup up to 16h arrives now Dermablend make up setting powder

-> Natural matte finish: Without leaving white residue or deposits
-> Minimizes glare: Absorbs excess sebum
-> 16H fixation: Resistant to perspiration

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