24 February 2016

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review: Uriage Roséliane rich cream anti-redness for sensitive skin the best way to control rosacea, at a cosmetic level, passes through the application of appropriate products, which help to control the problem


Rosacea is a vascular and inflammatory skin disease, that has as a symptom, facial redness accompanied by burning and discomfort. In turn, redness and facial heating are originated in the increasing of blood flow, which dilate the small blood vessels of the face, making them visible.


The factors that trigger rosacea can be internal, such as food or stress, but also external, such as temperature and climate, sun exposure, application of certain cosmetic products, etc.


At a cosmetic level, the best way to control rosacea is through the application of appropriate products that help to control the disease and that is the reason why we bring a review of the Roséliane Anti-Redness Rich cream from the french brand, Uriage.




Rosélianerange offers a selection of products for rosacea and sensitive skin. Anti-redness Rich Cream comes in a 40 ml jar, has a rich and creamy texture and is therefore best suited for normal to dry skin .

In the formula we find, (as for all products of the brand) thermal water, which has the ability to calm and sooth the skin, we may also find emollient and repairing agents (such as Shea butter), antioxidants, etc.

The texture is velvety and soothes instantly the sensation of heat from the face. Can be applied morning and/or night on a cleansed skin, in soft movements, and around the face. The continued use helps to keep the bouts of redness and irritition under control, and at the same time, reconstruct the cutaneous barrier for immediate comfort.


In short, it's a beautiful treatment cream, which can be complemented with more products of the same range.


Roséliane stick corrector anti-redness is a product that provides a discreet coverage in the areas with redness, thanks to its green color. Must be applied in a mild form, and smudge with fingers or brush, before foundation, or cc cream.

Roséliane Tinted Emulsion anti-redness is specially developed to cover rosacea in a natural way, as facial imperfections. Available in two colors, is enriched with softening agents to beautiful skin.

Roséliane maskanti-redness soothing care sos, must be used as maintenance treatment or whenever your skin requires extra soothing treatment. Apply generously on skin and remove excess with thermal water and a cotton.

Roséliane cc cream spf30, anti-redness is a color cream that soothes sensitive skin redness, uneven complexion and protects against UVA/UVB rays. It has a creamy texture, but not oily, to a beautiful and natural finish.

Roséliane anti-redness creamfor combination or normal skin, is a decongestant, soothing and hydrating care that corrects and noticeably reduces the diffuse redness, limits its appearence and calms the sensation of heat. As a daily care of skin with redness, has a decongestant action and vascular protection.

Roséliane dermo cleansing lotion redness prone skin, soap-free, cleanses smoothly the skin that ir prone to redness. Apply with cotton and remove excess with a thermal water spray.


It is recommended to protec your face from sun exposure by using sunscreen, avoid very hot water baths or abrupt temperature differences.


Rosacea can be controlled with the right products and with proper care!

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