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UreaRepair PLUS, the Very Dry Skin Expert

31 May 2022

The Eucerin® reference range for very dry skin now introduces 2 new hygiene and moisturizing solutions: the 5% Urea Bath Foam and the 10% Urea Foot Foam!


Very dry skin

Cutaneous xerosis, the medical term for dry skin, is one of the most common conditions in the daily clinical practice of dermatologists and general practitioners1.

Very dry skin has an impaired barrier function due to reduced lipid content of the intercellular cement, resulting in increased transepidermal water loss. In addition, there is a reduced capacity for water retention and distribution in the skin. These changes are reflected on the surface in dehydrated, rough, dull skin, often with associated flaking, itching and tugging sensations.

It is a very common problem that affects about 60 percent of adults and requires the use of appropriate daily skin care to restore moisture and skin integrity.

Eucerin® UreaRepair PLUS is the specialist range for the care of very dry skin, with a unique combination of ingredients: Urea PLUS Natural Moisturizing Factors, Ceramides and Gluco-Glycerol. Provides intense hydration and immediate, long-lasting relief for very dry skin for up to 48h!

In 2022, the Eucerin® UreaRepair PLUS family grows with the launch of 2 great new products: the 5% Urea Bath Foam and the 10% Urea Foot Foam!


Shower Foam Urea 5%

For a sensory experience during bathing

A delicate foam that gently cleanses and moisturizes very dry skin!

The formula contains 5% Urea and Natural Moisturizing Factors to maintain skin water content and hydrate, even while bathing. The surfactants in the formula are gentle to the skin, allowing for gentle cleansing. 

A combination of Eucerin medical expertise and sensoriality

Urea Repair Plus Espuma de Duche 5% Ureia

The formula is enriched in a soothing fragrance, specially developed for dry skin, which has calming properties and contains no common allergens2.
In addition, its ultra-light foam texture provides a pleasant, sensory experience during bathing!

This is the ideal product for a relaxing pause, to take care of you and recover your well-being! With the 5% Urea Shower Foam, a simple mid-week shower becomes a real zen moment, as if you were embraced by a cloud!

It should be used as daily care for dry to very dry skin on the face, body and hands, and is ideal as an adjunctive care for diabetes, psoriasis, keratosis pilaris and allergies.
The result? Skin feels clean, smooth, soft and comfortable!


Foot Foam 10% Urea

The Solution for soft and moisturized feet

Urea Repair Plus Espuma de Pés 10% Ureia

We know that feet are more prone to dehydration due to a lack of glands. The reduced sebum content impacts the quality of the hydrolipidic film, causing dehydration. In addition, the feet bear the entire weight of the body and are subject to high pressure and friction on a daily basis.

For these reasons, dry feet and cracked heels are common problems, with signs such as roughness, scaling, calluses, cracks, itching, and a greater predisposition to infections.

The new 10% Urea Foot Foam intensely moisturizes the very dry and rough skin of the feet, soothes and relieves the feeling of discomfort and tightness. Thanks to its unique formula, it reduces flaking and roughness3 and provides immediate and prolonged hydration for 48h.
Its formula with 10% Urea, Natural Moisturizing Factors and Ceramides provides intense hydration and maintains the skin's water content, strengthens the skin's barrier function and reduces transepidermal water loss.

This light, quickly absorbed foam is easy to spread and does not leave a sticky feeling, providing a practical and pleasant application.


Ideal for diabetic foot

Urea Repair Plus Espuma de Pés 10% Ureia

Patients with Diabetes Mellitus are at high risk for developing diabetic foot syndrome, a common complication of this pathology, characterized by poor skin healing, chronic wounds, and a greater predisposition to infections, which can result in foot amputation. Prevention involves the use of appropriate footwear and regular foot care, through cleaning, examination, and hydration.

The 10% Urea Foot Foam is ideal for diabetic feet since, in addition to the basic ingredients of the UreaRepair PLUS range, it contains Dexpanthenol, which promotes natural skin regeneration, and Decanediol, an ingredient known to reduce the microorganisms responsible for fungal infections.

This way, the foam contributes to the integrity of the feet, being indicated for the prevention and adjuvant care of the diabetic foot!


Clinically proven efficac

Clinical and dermatological studies prove good skin tolerance and excellent efficacy:

  • 96% intensely moisturizes and immediately relieves dry skin
  • 94% long-lasting softness, for more comfortable feet


The UreaRepair Plus Range

Recommended by 95% of dermatologists

The Eucerin® UreaRepair PLUS range provides intense hydration and immediate and long-lasting relief for very dry skin for up to 48h! The formula contains a unique combination of ingredients to fight the signs of very dry skin: Urea, Natural Moisturizing Factors, Ceramides and Gluco-Glycerol.

Urea, the gold standard for dry skin care, is present in concentrations between 5% and 10% for intense hydration and 30% for keratolytic action. Natural Moisturizing Factors (NHF) maintain skin water content and Ceramides strengthen and repair the skin's barrier function, reducing transepidermal water loss (TEWL). Finally, Gluco-Glycerol promotes water distribution in the deeper layers by stimulating the skin's natural water distribution channels (aquaporins).

Gama Urea Plus

Eucerin® UreaRepair PLUS is the specialist range for very dry skin from head to toe, with Hygiene, Moisturizing and Localized Care products for the different needs and body zones:


  • Scalp: Dermo Capillaire Soothing Shampoo 5% Urea
  • Body: 5% Urea Bath Gel | 5% Urea Bath Foam NEW


  • Body: 5% Urea Lotion | 10% Urea Lotion
  • Hands: Hand Cream 5% Urea
  • Feet: Foot Cream 10% Urea | Foot Foam 10% Urea NEW

Localized Care:

  • Cream 30% Urea


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