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Treating Stress-Related Skin Issues

17 January 2023

In an effort to promote people's well-being, the relevance of stress management in daily life is a subject that is getting more and more attention.


What does "stress" really mean and how does it affect you?


In a nutshell, stress is our body's reaction to a challenging circumstance or incident in our lives. This circumstance can come from different contexts and it is usually associated with something that happens and is beyond our control. In fact, our body is prepared to deal with stress - as long as it is not in massive amounts. 

When the stress is considered too much for our bodies, we tend to feel headaches, reduced energy levels, stomach problems, or, in more severe cases, skin reactions.

How can your skin reflect stress?


When you're overly worried, your skin may occasionally mirror how you're feeling inside. This is because when you're stressed out, your body may release hormones that might irritate or make your skin more sensitive. As a result, you start to get hives, which are red lumps on your skin.

Although this is not considered a serious problem and is unlikely to become a threat to your health, you surely want to get rid of the discomfort caused. Thus, we have gathered the best products that will help you fight your skin stress rashes.



Whenever we get a skin rash, we tend to scratch it. Consequently, our skin becomes inflamed and attacked, resulting in a wound that eventually develops a crust.

The Ureadin Calm Anti-Pruritis Cream decreases damage from scratching by building a layer of defense against outside aggressions, which can help you get rid of your itchy skin. It was also developed to improve your regular moisturizing routine and ease the irritation of dry skin.

Keratosane 30% Cream Gel created the perfect urea-based formula to help your crusts heal. Urea controls cell regeneration and encourages the expulsion of dead skin cells from the deeper layers of brittle or rigid skin. With this cream, your scabs will heal much faster and in a much smoother way.

With a 43% concentration of repairing ingredients, the Cicavit + Cream Repairing, Soothing, Healing and Anti- Marks cream will make your redness and discomfort vanish faster while avoiding the development of heat, irritation, and scars. It can also be used for cuts, tattoos, waxing, and chicken pox.

Redness Solutions Daily Relief Cream for Skins with Chronic Redness was specially developed for people suffering from persistent redness - it works promptly to reduce obvious redness and swelling while easing pain sensation. Moreover, its incredibly mild formulation helps in shielding the skin from aggressors including wind, temperature changes, and pollution.