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How Coenzyme Q10 Helps Fight Tiredness

21 March 2022

Essential for energy production by the body cells, Coenzyme Q10 has been proving to be effective in improving the symptoms of physical and mental fatigue.


Our cells are true energy-producing machines (besides other function), picking up the nutrients they get from our diets, that can be carbohydrates, fats or proteins. These nutrients can be transformed in other molecules that serve as "fuel" to the multiple biochemical reactions that are essential to your survival, growth, but also to the performance of the tasks of our daily life.

Mitochondria have a structure similar to that of a bean, and it's on its inside that occurs the process of cellular respiration. This process results in the generation of the ATP molecule (adenosine triphosphate), which is involved in multiple reactions of our body, and has the function to provide the energy that theses reactions need in order to occur. For being especially active, the heart muscle contains the cells that are richest in mitochondria.

For the cellular respiration to occur, it is necessary that our organism has Coenzyme Q10, since it intervenes in two essential steps to the ATP. synthesis. This Coenzyme can be obtained from multiple foods, mainly of animal origin; but it can also be produced in our liver, and this production tends to decrease as we age. It is estimated that the peak production of Q10 is between the age pf 20 and 25.

However, the combination of Q10 obtained from food and endogenous production is not always sufficient to meet our daily needs. Therefore, in cases of a diet poor in foods of animal origin or when there is a marked and persistent fatigue without apparent explanation; it may be interesting to supplement your diet with Coenzyme Q10.



Bioactive is a leader in the development of stable and high bioavailability supplements, and in the Coenzyme Q10 supplements are encapsulated in conjunction with vitamin C, and dissolved in vegetable oil.

Taking into account the function of the Q10 in our bodies, it is easy to understand that a sufficient availability of this Coenzyme contributes to supply energy in case of tiredness and weakness. Thus, supplementation with Coenzyme Q10 will be especially interesting in situations of prolonged fatigue, weakness, and athletes who wish to increase the capacity of your effort.

Additionally, the Q10 supplementation appears to be beneficial for patients with heart failure having regard to the study Q-symbio, attended by 420 participants who suffered with this disease and showed a deficit of Q10.