21 May 2024

Beauty Edit Set for Summer Is Here, Just in Time for Summer!

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In this Beauty Edit, we have gathered 9 essential products to pamper your skin and show off the golden beauty of your skin, in a special edition, hand-picked by our SweetTEAM, always with the best brands and an irresistible price...

Beauty Edits Set For Summer

Maintaining a healthy diet and regular exercise throughout the year is key to an active body, mind, and overall well-being.

Your daily summer routine should include moments dedicated to the care of your body and face, ensuring protected, hydrated, and radiant skin.

Start your day with a refreshing shower, using Clarins' Gommage Exfoliant Peau Neuve. This body exfoliator will leave your skin more resilient, firm, and smooth to the touch.

After your shower, apply Collistar's Abdomen & Hip Remodeling Treatment, which intensively combats excess fat and sagging skin in the abdomen and hips, helping to maintain your body's firmness.

For your face, begin by applying Caudalíe's Vinoperct Serum in the morning and at night. This serum corrects and prevents the appearance of dark spots, evening out and brightening your complexion for radiant skin.

Don't forget essential sun protection. For your face, use Eucerin's Hydro Protect Ultra-Light SPF 50+. This ultra-light formula provides immediate protection with an invisible finish, suitable for all skin types.

For your body, apply Riemann's Sensitive Skin SPF 50+, which offers high durability and water resistance with broad-spectrum UVB and UVA protection.

If you plan to spend the day outdoors, bring along Jungle Formula's Maximum Protection Roll-on. This repellent is effective against mosquito bites, providing protection wherever you go.

Your hair also needs special care. Apply NUXE's Sun Protective Hair Mist, with its ultra-light, non-greasy bi-phase texture. This product hydrates, adds shine, and protects hair from UV rays, salt, and chlorine.

In the evening, after sun exposure, take care of your skin with Bioderma's Photoderm After-Sun Gel-Cream. Its light and fresh texture hydrates and soothes the skin, prolonging your natural tan.

With this complete routine, you will be ready to enjoy summer to the fullest, keeping your skin and hair protected, hydrated, and radiant.

At SweetCare we believe that experimentation is key to discovering new products and brands! With our suggestions, we're confident you may start to include new steps into your routine that really make sense... and will assist you on a more informed and assertive purchase!

For an incredible summer and healthy protected skin, we've created this Beauty Edit SET-FOR-SUMMER with essential skincare essentials you'll love to know or, if you already know, want to buy at an irresistible price!


Follow all recommendations from specialists

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Apply sunscreen always.
In and out of the water, on open or cloudy days, in any situation!

The use of sunscreens can prevent lesions linked to photoaging and protect against induced photoimmunosuppression. At the same time, epidemiological studies show that the use of sunscreens can prevent some types of skin carcinoma. 

Avoid direct sunlight for long periods of time and seek shade regularly - especially between 11 am and 4 pm (the most harmful period according to the Portuguese Cutaneous Cancer Association - www.apcc.online.pt )(1). Reapply sunscreen after swimming and perspiring, as water and perspiration decrease the efficiency of sunscreens.

And did you know that even in the water, the skin is exposed to high levels of ultraviolet (UV) rays?  "The intensity of exposure is greater underwater than above water," according to Arun A. Mavanur, surgical oncologist at LifeBridge Health's Alvin & Lois Lapidus Cancer Institute in the US. "Ultraviolet rays are also reflected on the surface of the water. So in general, a person tends to get more exposure while in the water."(2)

Wear sunglasses, clothing and a hat! And don't forget to watch out for reflected light - sunlight reflects on the sand hitting the skin, even in the shade.

Fundamental... drink water - in this season, your organism needs more liquids than ever to keep healthy and hydrated. 
During the summer period, the increase in ambient temperature, often accompanied by the decrease in air humidity, is responsible for the increase in our hydric needs. Don't take any chances!

Replacement of lost liquids is very important and should be done by drinking water.
The consumption of alcohol and sugary drinks should not be seen as an option to replace fluids; they can be ingested occasionally but not as a basis for adequate hydration. (3)

Because we only want the best from the sun... Be careful and watch for signs and have annual screening with your dermatologist.

Fact or fiction?

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More about sun protection: test your knowledge and answer this questionnaire published by IPMA and APCC(4).


Can I get "scalded" on a cloudy day?  
Although cloudiness attenuates UV radiation, diffuse radiation is intense enough to cause erythema unless the clouds are low and thick.


Is too much sun dangerous at any age? 
Human skin and the immune system are sensitive to UV radiation throughout their life cycle.



Does sunscreen protect me and therefore I can stay longer in the sun?  
Sunscreens do protect but their effectiveness decreases after application - you should not stay in the sun longer than the SPF guarantees. 


Should I avoid the sun between 11 am and 4 pm?
Due to the higher elevation of the sun, UV radiation is stronger during these hours of the day.


If I don't feel hot while I'm in the sun, won't I get 'sunburn'?
UV radiation may not be felt by the individual due to its absorption at the outermost levels of the skin.  


UV radiation not only affects the skin but also the eyes?
Scalding is perhaps the most common effect, but UV radiation can cause the development of cataracts.


Are light-skinned, red-haired people particularly sensitive to UV radiation?  
People with light skin and red hair are the most sensitive group in the population.


Does a tan protect me from additional 'sunburn'?
Tanning is already a reaction to exposure to UV radiation and will only partially protect your skin.


Are the negative effects of 'sunburn' cumulative?
The human body's ability to protect itself and repair the damage induced by UV radiation decreases throughout its life.


Is the sun dangerous in winter and spring?
The intensity of UV radiation also depends on latitude, altitude and reflection on surfaces such as snow.


Children should be especially protected?  
Because of the high sensitivity of their skin and the cumulative effects of sunburn.


Reflection of UV radiation by sand and water should be taken into account.  
The directions of sunrays and scattered radiation are equally important for exposure after reflection on the ground.


Is it necessary to be in the sun because vitamin D is produced by UV radiation?
The exposure time needed for vitamin D production is so short, that you don't need to sunbathe. 


The smaller my shade, the easier I get sunburn?
When your shadow is small, the elevation of the sun is higher and the UV radiation is more intense.


I won't get 'sunburned' if I'm in the water?
Water attenuates UV radiation, but you can easily get "scalded" while swimming.


The higher the altitude, the easier I burn my skin?
The higher the altitude, the less attenuation of UV radiation the atmosphere has.


(1) Portuguese Cutaneous Cancer Association - www.apcc.online.pt
(2) Alvin & Lois Lapidus Cancer Institute of LifeBridge Health, USA
(3) http://www.fpcardiologia.pt - Portuguese Cardiology Foundation - Importance of hydration in cardiovascular health.
(4) Questions and answers about UV radiation - IPMA. https://www.ipma.pt/, APCC https://www.apcancrocutaneo.pt/ - Ultraviolet Index - Guide for Use


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