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Suncare | the most innovative technologies!

Protecting your skin and hair is becoming more fashionable, therefore technology could not be left behind!


Gone are the times when sunscreen just existed in a single cream texture, for the face and body! Currently there are ulta-sensory and multi-functional products, which are able to make sun protection into something you will use with all pleasure!

Facial protection

The Mesoprotech 100+ sun protective repairing stick spf50+ (1.) combines a very high sun protection factor to the anti-ageing and repairing actions from Collagen pro-47 and Rosehip oil. Its physical, chemical and biological filters ensure a protection against UVB, UVA, visible light and infrared; and its stick format makes it perfect to carry with you!

One of the best technologies in the market, now in color version! The Fotoprotector FusionWater SPF 50 + with color from Isdin (2.) provides a perfect sun protection withlight texture and silky touch. Additionally, this product protects the skin against UVB/UVA radiation, visible radiation and infrared; as well as a technology that does not irritate or cause stinging in the eyes.

To simultaneously ensure the luminosity and protection from your complexion, Clarins launches its Mineral sun care compact for face spf30 (3). Its formula is enriched with the [SunPlantComplex], obtained from natural extracts from aloe vera and baobab, which guarantees effective protection and a luminous complexion. Its easy-to-wash sponge and compact packaging make this ideal for reapplying both protection and makeup.


Body Protection

Shiseido, a leader in the development of sun protection technologies, now has the Sports invisible protective mist spf50+ (1.). This product relies on the Invisible Feel technology, containing quick-drying oils; the WetForce technology, which reinforces the sun protection when the formula comes incontact with the minerals contained in water from transpiration, among many other innovations! Invisible finish for body and face, which will make you forget you are wearing sun protection!

If you want to camouflage the small imperfections that also appear on the skin of the body, Frezyderm has the ideal solution for you! The Active Sun body Make-up SPF30 with color (2.) allows minimizing small discolorations, veins, and other skin imperfections; while it protects the skin from UVB, UVA, visible and infrared radiations. Its formulation also allows to reduce the harmful effects from free radicals and the DNA cell damage. A moisturizing and water resistant texture!

Instead, if you are a summer lover and enjoy every day to the limit at the beach, we present you the Capital soleil beach protect multiprotection milk spf50 for body (3.) from Vichy. In addition to the UVB/UVA protection, this product has an anti-sand (allowing for its rapid removal), anti-water (up to 80 min), anti-salt(dehydrating the skin) and anti-wind action (minimizing the transepiddermal loss of water). The skin becomes protected, fresh, moisturized and free from unwanted aggressions!


Nourished Hair

The Suncare protective hair oil from Apivita (1.) has 97% ingredients of natural origin and a delicious summer fragrance, allied to a nourishing formulation! This product combines UV solar filters and vegetable ingredients, such as sunflower, crambe, grape, jojoba and olive oils as well as carrot extracts. This way, you can maintain the integrity from the hair fiber, luminosity and color.

To gently wash your hair after the sun, Klorane's Ylang ylang shampoo (2) is the ideal care! Its anti, anti-sand and anti chlorine action makes it suitable for the entire vacationperiod, while its fragrance with Ylang Ylang notes, coconut milk and sand invigorates your senses! A gentle cleansing care with deep nourishing action, to finish the holidays with a sublime hair!

If your hair needs a regenerative action during the holidays, the answer is Serie expert solar sublime after-sun mask (3.). This product from L'Oreal Professionnel allows to reconstruct the hydrolipid film and protect the hair fiber, with pracaxi oil; while it deposits a lightweight EMC protective film, a new stable sun filter. The best friend from your hair!


Sublime Tan

With a formula reinforced in natural antioxidants (vitamins C and E), N-acetylcysteine, vitamin B3 and prebiotics; 360º capsules daily oral solar protection (1.) will perfectly complement your sunscreen! This product allows to prevent photoaging, the dark spot development and hypersensitivity to sun exposure. Ideal for light skin with tendency to pigmentate, treatments with photosensitizing drugs and/or immunosuppressants, history of skin cancer and as adjuvant in phototherapy.

To improve the tolerance to sun radiation and promote a faster tan, Institut Esthederm created the Solaire face and body spray (2.)! This product neutralizes the effect from free radicals, contradicting inflammation and cell damage; while providing a faster, more uniform and long-lasting tan. It can be used in the face and body, being applied before sunscreen.

If you want to start your holiday with a golden tone, or just enjoy to keep a healthy color all year round; you'll love Biotherm's Self-tanning bi-phase (3)! This spray with ultra-light texture provides an easy, quick-drying and non-staining application; making your skin warmer and brighter. Uniform tan and natural tone!

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