04 February 2020

Self-tanners | the best allies for a sublime skintone!

Do you enjoy having tanned skin without sun exposure? At SweetCare you'll find the best solutions to get the skin tone you've always dreamed of!


We all know the Sun can accelerate skin aging, which is why self-tanners are the ideal solution to keep you young and beautiful without giving up the golden tone you love!

Check all the products we have for yout to get a nice and safe tan!

There is no homogeneous tan without exfoliation, especially on dry rough areas from the body. Therefore, before you apply your self-tanner; it's important to eliminate the more superficial layers from your skin, which are thoese containing more keratin.

Vita Liberata, a brand specializingin tanning the skin care; created the Super fine skin polish (1), which texture is delicate enough so that you can use it every day; leaving your skin incredibly soft!

The Sparkle skin (2) from Clinique's in it's turn is a more intense and fresh care exfoliating care; containing mint and Aloe vera extract that will invigorate your senses.

If you also enjoy a chemical exfoliation, Filorga has the ideal solution for you! The Scurb & peel (3) combines exfoliation provided by the volcanic sand and perlite pellets with the effectiveness of a combination containing 10% gluconolactone + glycolic acid. This way you can obtain a more intense exfoliation with high tolerance.


Last minute invitation? No problem! With these options will get a quick and uniform tan!

The Ten minute tan (1) from Vita Liberata only takes just 10 to 20 minutes to develop; then being removed in the shower to reveal a nice tan in 4 to 6 hours.

To smooth and refine the skin from the face and décolleté, Clarins has developed the Instant smooth self-tanning (2); which you can use prior to or as a substitute to your makeup.

If you want a tan that disappears in the shower, the Instant Tanning Wipes (3) from Comodynes are the ideal option. Being easy to spread, this product leaves your skin silky and evenly tanned.


The progressive tan has the advantage of minimizing the occurrence of mistakes, as it requires several applications; aind it also allows you to adjust the end result to your taste.

If you prefer this option and if you have a more sensitive skin, we recommend the Avène moisturizing self-tanner (1).

For those tho prefer a multifunction self-tanner; we recommend the Tone & body tan (2) from Karin Herzog; since this product has firming and toning properties.

Need a fast but adjustable result for face and neckline? Then we recommend the Magic Drops (3) from Collistar.


Man products have textures and scents that are adapted to men's preferences, so they tend to be far more enjoyable to male consumers.

In this sense, Clinique offers the Men face bronzer(1); that provides a temporary result (diseapers after washing) with a non-oily texture.

For a long lasting tan, which is easy to adjust; Clarins developed the Tanning booster for men (2); with a formula that is very easy to mix with your usual moisturizer for a more gradual color.


Looking for an even more intense and long-lasting tan? In this case, food supplements are your best allies!

The Oenobiol Solar intensive anti-ageing (1) enables you to prepare your skin before sun exposure, thanks to your variety of antioxidants; while providing a tanned look.

To obtain a more tanned and bright complexion, we recommend Vitalfan Solaire (2) from René Furterer; which can be used before, during and after sun exposure.

With an innovative formula, the Inneov Bronze+ allows you to simultaneously protect the skin from the harmful effects of the Sun and enhance your Tan. Less skin during sun exposure to the, for a more beautiful skin!

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