13 July 2022

Self-Tanners, the Best Allies for a Sublime Skintone!

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We all know that the sun can accelerate the aging of your skin. Therefore, self-tanning care is the ideal solution to keep it young and beautiful without giving up the golden tone that you love so much!

Learn about all the care we have available to achieve a beautiful and safe tan!



There is no even tan without exfoliation, especially on the drier and rougher areas of the body. So before you apply your self-tanner; it is important that you eliminate the most superficial layers of your skin, which contain the most keratin.

Sparkle skin by Clinique is an intense and fresh exfoliating care; containing menthol and Aloe vera extract that invigorates your senses.

If you also enjoy chemical exfoliation, Filorga has the perfect solution for you! Scurb & peel combines the exfoliation provided by volcanic sand and perlite spheres with the effectiveness of a combination of 10% gluconolactone + glycolic acid. This way, you get a more intense exfoliation, but with high tolerance!

Instant tan


Last minute invitation? No problem! With these options you will get a quick and even tan.

Just a few drops of Collistar'sMagic Drops are enough to magically produce an immediate golden color that turns into a deep, glowing tan in less than an hour.

Self-Tanning The Miracle Instant by Comodynes is the self-tanning spray that will give you a flawless, streak-free finish in just one application.

For an instant and long-term tan, Self Sun Body Tinted from Clinique gives you a beautiful color, and it builds up in a few hours.

Progressive Tan


Progressive tanning has the advantage of minimizing the occurrence of mistakes, as it requires several applications; but also of allowing you to adjust the final result to your taste.

If you prefer this option and have more sensitive skin, we recommend AvèneSilky Gel Moisturizing Self Tanning.

Clarins' Self Tan Radiance-Plus Golden Glow Booster Body is a self-tanning body enhancer that can be mixed with any body moisturizer for an immediate golden glow.

For a natural, gradual tan day after day, Sun 365 gradual self-tanning oil body from Lancaster is a great option.


Men's skincare products have textures and perfumes adapted to male preferences, and therefore tend to be much more pleasant for these consumers.

In this sense, Clinique has the Clinique for Men Face Bronzer that provides a temporary result (comes off with washing) and has a non-greasy texture. 

Hydracolor Self Tan Cream for Face by Papillon promotes a natural tan with energizing action.

Food supplements


Are you looking for an even more intense and long-lasting tan? In that case, food supplements will be your best allies!

OenobiolSun Intensive Anti Aging Food Supplement allows you to prepare your skin before sun exposure, thanks to its variety of antioxidants; while providing a bronzed tone.

To prepare, activate and stimulate the skin for a sublime tan, Lierac'sSunisssime solaire tanning capsules stimulate melanin production, prepare the skin for a faster, more intense and longer lasting tan and protect cells against oxidative stress. 


Find out more tips on how to get a perfect tan here!

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