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Make-up for sensitive or reactive skin

15 October 2017

Hypoallergenic but elegant suggestions; because the most sensitive skins also deserve make-up!

Makeup can be a true object of love/hate for sensitive skin or reactive.

On the one hand, who has a skin especially susceptible to developing redness or inflammatory lesions has every interest in benefit of the perfection action the makeup may have. The multiplicity of pigments, dyes and auxiliaries of formulation These products can make your makeup particularly sensitizing for these skins less tolerant.

However, currently there are already some brands offering cosmetic care adapted to the most demanding skins, betting on the following strategies:

  • Contain the fewest ingredients possible in order to achieve the desired effect;
  • Do not contain ingredients whose likely to sensitize the skin is medium or high;
  • Include soothing and moisturizing action ingredientsthat strengthen the skin barrier and reduce the sensitivity of the skin.

On SweetCare we offer you the best makeup for sensitive skin care, betting on the best brands of the market and a personal recommendation.

So we rounded up our favorite and prepare this magazine especially for you!


Whatever the texture or finish you prefer, Avene and La Roche Posay have several products that will meet the special needs of a sensitive skin and get that perfect skin finish.

1. La Roche Posay - Toleriane teint mat mousse
To think of the needs of oily skin and sensitive, the Toleriane Teint Matifying SPF20 Mousse, is the ideal answer since it ensures a natural makeup.
Formulated with an airy mousse texture, unique absorbent assets includes, anti-water and anti-sebum, giving a mattifying effect to the skin, which allows you to control your makeup throughout the day with a velvety smooth finish.

2.La Roche Posay - Rosaliac cc cream
This product provides instant coverage and operates in complete correction of all types of redness, regardless of its origin, frequency or intensity. Has a universal tone that combines naturally with a clear or medium skin tone and instantly fixes all shades of redness. Fluid texture, easy to spread, sliding quickly over your skin, without a trace.

3. La Roche Posay - Toleriane teint compact foundation
Ideal for those who like natural skin effect, semi-Matt finish and contains SPF protection factor 25. The compact packaging makes this product ideal to carry with you to touch-ups throughout the day.

4. Avene - Couvrance fluid foundation
This product allows you to conceal the moderate complexion imperfections ensuring the unique feeling of softness and comfort.

5. Avene - Couvrance compact oil-free
This compact is the ideal solution to correct and standardize the severe skin imperfections of normal to sensitive skin. The oil-free texture provides a "second skin" effect, with a matte finish, ensuring coverage of long-lasting, resistant to water and sweat.

6. Avene - Couvrance concealer
The remedial of Avène brushes, are the ideal complement to any product of face since, correct and streamline the skin locally. Can be applied in spots, redness, wrinkles, etc.,



You can enjoy a full makeup, with emphasis on the eyes despite these are often an area of great concern for those who have sensitive skin or is a carrier of contact lenses.

1. a Roche Posay - Respectissime ombre douce
A selection of classic and timeless colors, these La Roche Posay shadows palettes is a sure bet. Has a fixing base soft that disguise and standardises the imperfections and redness of the eyelids and intensifies the color of the shadow effect and facilitates its application.

2. La Roche Posay - Respectissime eyes intense liner
Define and dramatize your look with these soft pencil. Its formula avoids the migration of color throughout the day: the line remains uniform.

3. La Roche Posay - Respectissime eye liner intense
With a anti-smudge formula, and with a fixation technology, the Respectissime Eye Liner Intense allows a trait that remains intact and dense on the eyelid with the elapse of time.

4. La Roche Posay - Respectissime extreme volume intense eyes mascara
This mask contains texturizing waxes, giving it volume and widening visibly the density of eyelashes for a mesmerizing look .

5. Avene - Couvrance mask eyelashes
This mask guarantees volume, definition and buckle, in two-tone, Brown and black for a soft look or more dramatic. The great advantage is the innovative brush with plastered anti-efeito effect.



Add a touch of color to animate your cheekbones and lips!

1.La Roche Posay - Novalip duo
In a couple of treatment and color, this lipstick is especially suitable for sensitive and dry lips:
-Hydrates deeply the lips, look and smooth, to prepare a surface for perfect lips.
-Color film-endurance that increases efficiency, maintaining hydration, 9h and expanding the color.

2. Avene - Couvrance translucent mosaic powder
With a natural silky finish, you may use these mosaics to fix or to give color to makeup: has three tones to your disposition:

3. La Roche Posay - Toleriane teint fixed powder
Matifies the complexion in transparency and gives color to cheekbones, for a fresh and  long-lasting complexion comfort .



Don't forget that the cleansing is very important in any kind of skin but on more sensitive, it is imperative that they are effective and soft!

1. Avene - Gentle milk cleanser
Unctuous, nourishing and rich in Avene thermal Water, cleans  the skin (neck, face, eyes and lips) respecting the hydrolipidic film of the skin, ensuring its comfort and hydration.

2. Avene - Gentle eye make-up remover
Gentle Cleanser with Avène thermal spring water, gently eliminates makeup without leaving residues. Has a fluid gel texture, isotonic to tears, to take off makeup of eyelashes and eyelids. Recommended for sensitive eyes or users of contact lenses.

3. La Roche Posay - Micellar water make-up remover
Gentle cleanser for the face, eyes and lips and respect the physiological balance. Do not contain Soap Parabens, alcohol nor colourings.

4. La Roche Posay - Physiological makeup remover micelar water gel
Suitable for removing waterproof eye make-up is ideal for normal to combination skin. Cleans thoroughly but gently, with high tolerance and physiological pH, do not contain soap, Parabens, alcohol nor colourings.

5.La Roche Posay - Toleriane eye make-up remover sterile single doses
Cleans sensitive eyes efficiently and without rubbing. Fragrance-free and preservative-free, packaged in sterile pods, have the cleansing effectiveness guaranteed by the presence of sodium Hyaluronate, traditionally used in ophthalmic surgery.