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Hyaluronic acid | moisturization & filling!

Have you noticed that almost all new skincare products contain hyaluronic acid? This ingredients properties make it interesting for all skin types, age groups; and that allow it to be used for other purposes too!


Hyaluronic acid is naturally present in our organism where it has the function of retaining water, providing lubrication, filling tissues and giving elasticity. In fact, hyaluronic acid is able to capture up to 1000 times its weight in water!

Thus, it is not difficult to understand the reason for it's interest in skin care. When applied to skin surface, hyaluronic acid does precisely this: it captures the water that is around it, in high quantities; leaving the skin more flexible, smooth and consequently more luminous. The best? It is quickly absorbed into the skin surface, leaving no residue!

Still don't use hyaluronic acid in your beauty routine? Get ready to meet our favorite products!



Hyaluronic acid is especially interesting for dehydrated skin, wether it's oily or dry!

If you're looking for a light, multifunctional care, Biotherm's super concentrated Aqua bounce is the ideal choice for you! The humectant action from hyaluronic acid combines the repairing capacity from Life Plankton on the skin barrier; leaving your skin immediately plumped and luminous. Its formulation concentrates the action of a serum, moisturizer and primer; and it's suitable for all skin types!

For an intensive and highly concentrated care, we present you the Intensive mask with hyaluronic acid from Institut Esthederm. This product can be used on the face, neck and neckline; by providing moisturization and filling the dehydration lines. Its efficacy is due to it's creamy texture, allied to a high concentration in hyaluronic acid in three different molecular forms.


Global Anti-ageing

Hyaluronic acid is an essential component from the skin dermis, where it provides filling, volume and padding. Therefore, one of the strategies from the new anti-ageing skin care products goes through its supplementation on the skin surface, for a cosmetic filling; and by promoting its synthesis and reducing its degradation in depth.

Frezyderm's Hyaluronic acid booster moisturizer does just that. In 10 days, this product allows to enrich your daily moisturizing care; combining low molecular weight hyaluronic acid to silanol; which promotes hyaluronic acid synthesis in your skin. It's vegetable sugars also provide moisturization and additional padding to your skin.

For a global care, Lancôme developed the Visionnaire cream SPF20; Combining the LR 2412 molecule with hyaluronic acid and also sun filters! Consequently, this product provides moisturization, protection, luminosity; and a high capacity for repairing the skin barrier. This way, it will be able to prevent the hyaluronic acid degradation from the dermis, while supplementing the skin. Skin becomes smoother, showing fewer wrinkles, dilated pores, roughness and signs of fatigue.


Special concerns

Did you know that hyaluronic acid is also beneficial for other purposes, such as sensitive skin care, or localized sagging?

Phyto Corrective from Skinceuticals has a calming, softening and moisturizing action; allowing you to refresh and repair your skin. By capturing a high amount of water to skin surface, hyaluronic acid helps to restore the normal functioning from the epidermis cells, which depends on the to exert many of its metabolic functions. This formulation also contains cucumber and olive extracts, with soothing action, thyme extract, with antibacterial action, and mulberry extract, which provides more luminosity to your skin.

If the skin density loss in the neck and neckline is a precupation for you, Vichy Neovadiol Phytosculpt tightening care is an interesting option! The combination of hyaluronic acid and pro-xylane, which promotes its production, enable immediate and long-term redensification; by providing more firmness and tone to your skin! To remodel the contours from the face, this cream also contains phytoesterol, extracted from the leaf of wild fetus, which allows to rebalancing the effects of hormonal imbalances on the skin.



If you thought the benefits of hyaluronic acid were restricted to skin care, you're wrong!

Apitiva has taken advantage of the properties of this ingredient, and it has created its Moisturizing hair mask with hyaluronic acid. This product allows more water to be provided to the inside of the capillary fiber, making your hair softer, brighter and less frizzy. In addition to the low molecular weight hyaluronic acid, this product also contains organic oils from jojoba and olive oil; allied to the Apishield HS Protective complex.

So that you can make the most of your makeup while you take care of your skin, GlamGlow has created the Glowpowder illuminator with hyaluronic acid! Consequently, this trio of highlighters has a moisturizing action, being able to keep your skin smoother; and it also contains the Vitalflower TEAOXI®, a complex with antioxidant action.

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Ha densimatrix multi-molecular serum with hyaluronic acid 30ml - Mesoestetic

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