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Frezyderm | the brand of greek dermatologists!

22 November 2021

A selection of innovative products and cutting-edge formulas for the face and body!

Born in Greece, Frezyderm aim to develop cosmetic products of superior quality which are underconstant improvement; thus being able to meet the needs of everyday consumers.

This brand was founded in 1986 by Mr. Anastasios Anastasiou, and it's currently one of the major references in Greece for the pharmaceutical and medical recommendation.

With a laboratory and a specialized manufacturing plant, Frezyderm is dedicated entirely to the research and development of new formulations and technologies to ensure the maximum effectiveness of its products.

These formulations are always superior when it comes to innovation, quality and specialization. Therefore, today we will tell you our favorites!


One of the favorite products from our customers, and also from us! The Botulin effect cream (1.) allows to act on dynamic expression lines and wrinkles that appear static on the forehead, around the eyes, mouth and nose; providing a relaxing effect inspired in what is achieved through the use of botox. With a complex of peptides and plant extracts; this cream leaves skin noticeably smoother and densified. The formulation is enriched in hyaluronic acid and vitamin E which are able to moisturize and protect the skin from unwanted oxidations.

For the skin that needs nutrition and presents visible wrinkles, the Anti-wrinkle cream rich (2.) is our choice! It's rich non-oily texture makes it especially pleasurable, while the innovative formula allows you to fill out wrinkles from the first application, leaving the skin firmer too. This cream contains oat proteins, ATP, argan oil and phospholipids, with firming and redensifying action, as well as plant steroids, schizophylan and tetrapeptydes, that act on the origins of skin aging. Additionally, silica provides an optical and immediate wrinkle fillng effect.

For those looking for an intensive action on the signs of aging, we recommend the Age Repair kit (3). This 25 days intensive treatment targets wrinkles, loss of firmness and relaxation of the facial contours. The ampoules and the oil work together by stimulating collagen synthesis and skin cell renewal, while correcting the signs of age. The retinol stimulates the growth of fibroblasts, collagen synthesis, and the proliferation of skin cells, while the geranilgeranone has a protective action on the DNA.  Vitamin C has a dual action, thanks to it's antioxidant power and the capacity to correct the signs of aging.



Sun screen cream-fluid-to-powder (1.) has very high sun protection and follows the new global trend in cosmetology: texture transformation. The texture gradually transforms from a smooth cream or liquid to a unique powder texture. This powder finish cares for and protects very dry and rough skin, restores the hydrolipidic film and prevents premature aging.

If your goal is to have a perfect tan all year round, we present you a truly revolutionary self-tanner ! The mist Bronze Water Color (2.) was developed to provide a natural and progressive tan, being suitable for light, sensitive skin, with vitiligo, and as a replacement of sunbeds. The spray allows you to spread the product uniformly, also ensuring a multi-position application. With self-tanning DHA and special pigmentation factors, this mistdelivers visible results 24h after the application.

"The" product that only Frezyderm has! With a unique velvet texture and an invisible finish, the Sun screen velvet (3.) face is the sunscreen that will change your life! This product has photostable filters and active ingredients specially designed to protect and repair the damage inflicted by the cellular DNA damage. The unique texture and the "Second Skin" technology is extremely pleasant to the touch, providing even a matte complexion, velvety finish and soft-focus effect; that allows you to lessen the appearance of wrinkles and uneven skin texture. We recommend this for all skin types and ages.