05 September 2018

Vinopure | your natural anti-blemish solution!

Caudalie's long-awaited answer for the skin susceptible to the imperfections' development!

3 products, 1 goal: smoother and calmer skin with reduced imperfections!

This new range features a patented complex of grape polyphenols with bio essential oils; capable of minimizing the development of imperfections thanks to its antioxidant action, preventing the oxidation of sebum; and also antimicrobial, reducing the proliferation of P. acnes bacteria.

To this patent, the salicylic acid from the extract of gualtéria is added; which allows to de-scrub the oil and reduce the appearance of the pores; as well as bio rosa hydrolate, with anti-glare and illuminating action.

Overall, you will see:

  • Regulation of sebum production, with less oxidation of the same;
  • Reduction of hyperkeratinization , which results in a smaller number of enlarged and obstructed pores;
  • Minimization of the imperfections' generation, since the microorganisms responsible for their formation are reduced.

Purifying Lotion

A texture as light as water, for a clean and purified skin!

Indispensable so that there is an absorption and maximum action of all the products you apply next! The pores become closed, and the skin gets immediately fresher!


Serum infusion anti-imperfections

A face serum that you can also use in on localized blemishes!

With a gel texture, this product is absorbed immediately; thus moisturizing the skin and significantly minimizing the imperfections' appearance.


Matifying Fluid

For a rich, comfortable and luminous skin!

A fluid that smoothes your skin surface, and ensures that it remains moisturized without excess shine.

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