06 June 2024

Beauty Edit Hydration Shot

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With summer also comes the sun, heat, the beach, swimming in the sea and in the pool, outdoor physical activity... vacation and rest! 

It's summer, temperatures are already rising and those who are on vacation enjoy the sun, the beach, the sea, the pool... Those who are working in a "closed" place cool down with air conditioning, all subject to variations in air humidity.  Thinking of everyone, even those who are in the other hemisphere where it's winter, we created a Beauty Edit full of moisturizing care for face, body and hair!

If on the one hand high temperatures lead people to perspire more (our body's natural form of defense to maintain body temperature leading to loss of water and nutrients through sweat), on the other hand refreshing in the sea or pool leaves skin and hair parched and dull. 

If we turn on the "strong" air conditioning to cool down (or heat up!!!) we will also be creating an artificial environment that will dry out our skin.

To have healthy skin, it must be in balance. When there are internal and external factors that alter a normal skin condition we must compensate by adapting our daily care routine, lifestyle, eating habits, even taking oral supplements.

Besides having healthy skin, we can also counteract its aging by always using sunscreen (the main responsible for photoaging of the skin), adapting the daily routine to prevent and correct the normal signs of aging!

Having a dehydrated skin will contribute to its premature aging. We should pay attention to the signs that our body gives us, such as: a dry and sensitive skin may become even more parched, and may become irritated, itchy, or even lead to wounds; an oily skin may produce more sebum and become shinier.

Hair also suffers from aggressions such as the sun, wind, salt, and chlorine, becoming dry and brittle. On the other hand, excessive sweating on the scalp can lead to the appearance of dandruff, mycoses, itching.

Finding 10 products for face, body and hair, that will manage to compensate for the dehydration caused by the various factors presented, would only be possible here at SweetCare with our Beauty Edit HYDRATION SHOT!

Beauty Edit Hydration Shot

RATED GREEN | Cold Brew Hibiscus | Deeply hydrates dry scalp, balances oil levels, and delivers a refreshing sensation.

INSTITUTE ESTHEDERM | Eau Cellulaire Watery Essence | Moisturizes, revitalizes, and removes accumulated toxins from the skin, restoring its natural glow.

CLARINS | Hydra-Essentiel Restoring Cream-Mask | Refreshing texture, deeply hydrates, nourishes, and fortifies the skin barrier.

AVÈNE | Hydrance boost serum | Boosts hydration levels for glowing, healthy looking skin.

ELIZABETH ARDEN | Hyaluronic Acid Ceramide Capsules | Gel-cream texture, hydrates and reduces aging signs, leaving skin plumped and smoother.

ERBORIAN | Centella Cream | Hydrated and smoothed skin, a more even complexion, and all-day comfort.

FRUDIA | Grape Honey Chu Lip Essence | Balm for plumped, voluminous, and hydrated lips.

THE SAEM | Pure Natural Foot Treatment Mask | Hydrates and softens the skin of the feet, helping to eliminate roughness.

CAUDALÍE | Vinotherapist Nourishing Body Lotion | Fresh, lightweight texture for all-day hydrated, nourished, smooth, radiant skin.

L'OCCITANE | Shea Butter Hand Cream | Nourishes and soothes the skin of the hands, while rebalancing its skin barrier.


SweetBox Hydration Shot


SweetBox Hydration Shot

Drink even more water - 2 to 3 L of water a day to replenish the body's fluids and regulate body temperature. You can drink natural water, tisanes, natural juices with no added sugars... just choose what you like best and hydrate your body... it will thank you. 

After a dive in the sea or in a swimming pool, rinse your body and hair "on the way out" with fresh water, because salt and chlorine are factors that irritate and dry the skin. 

A tepid and quick bath, ideal for face, body, and hair... always.

Clean the skin with gentle, moisturizing products to soothe and soften the skin.

Always apply moisturizing cream - choose an easy-to-apply care that soothes and moisturizes, or an after sun that also helps prolong the tan. You will see that the "itching" disappears!

Gentle body exfoliation - it will remove dead skin cells, your skin will better absorb the moisturizing care and you will get a more beautiful tan 

Always use sun protection - especially when exposure is more intense. It prevents skin aging, dryness and wrinkles, and boosts hydration.

Do not forget complements - add moisturizing products to your routine, such as essences, face and hair masks, leave in.

Vitamin C and antioxidants - will neutralize free radicals and counteract aging cells. Where can you find them? In the diet, in oral supplements, or in your daily moisturizing care.

Adapt your makeup - choose a lighter foundation adapted to the state of your skin in the heat.

Refresh your skin - always carry a thermal water with you (in your bag or thermal bag) to soothe, hydrate and replenish nutrients.

Also check out the Beauty Edit SET FOR SUMMER, where you'll find essential products to help prepare your body for summer and protect and prevent dehydration).


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