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Sweet Awards | January

15 February 2023

The big winners of the SWEET AWARDS have arrived! Don't miss the monthly reveal of Joana Álvares' choices.


The SweetCare Awards are curated by beauty expert Joana Álvares and are dedicated to defining beauty on one's own terms, whether that means rediscovering classics or keeping up with trends.



Sensifine Dermo-Nettoyant is a fresh cream for cleansing the skin, especially suitable for all types of sensitive and intolerant skin. I only discovered it in 2021 and with some regret because it is an extremely interesting product that I use a lot.


The Sensifine range to which Dermo-Nettoyant belongs has solutions particularly suited to reactive, sensitive and polyallergic skin with minimalist formulas of 8 to 13 ingredients. I am an absolute fan of all 3 solutions and have talked about them several times. In addition to Dermo-Nettoyant, the range also includes a cleansing balm and a moisturizing mask and several solutions for reactive skin, with redness and couperose.

What is so special about this care?

  • Sensifine Dermo-Nettoyant is 100% suitable for intolerant and very sensitive skin. It has a minimalist formula with only 9 ingredients, no surfactants and no fragrance and is enriched with niacinamide and a moisturizing agent to soothe and restore the skin barrier. For me cleansing has to be effective and respectful of the skin.
  • It immediately leaves the skin deeply hydrated. Although the texture is a light cream the skin feels very comfortable and for sensitive skin like mine, it relieves tightness and discomfort. The skin is cared for and moisturized right from cleansing.
  • It is very versatile! It can be used either as a cleansing milk (to be removed with absorbent cotton or a pad) or with water (functioning as a cleanser). This is a feature that I particularly like.
  • &It's a deeply cross-cutting, affordable cleanser. All skins will like this care, from combination to dry to combination to oily and sensitive as the texture is light but moisturizing.
  • It can be used all over the face, including lips and eye contour.
  • Good to know that we find Sensifine Dermo-Nettoyant in two formats: 50 ml for travel, or for those who prefer to test before purchasing, a higher format and 400 ml for daily use, with a handy dispenser, which we can have in the shower or next to the rest of our skin care.
Cosmética Sólida

How to use Sensifine Dermo-Nettoyant from SVR?

  • Gently apply to the skin with your fingers, massage over the entire face, and then cleanse with a cotton pad or compress. Alternatively you can apply to the face and massage directly with the cotton pad or pad.
  • It can also be used as a cleanser to be removed with water (never hot water - I always prefer to use warm or cool water).
  • I like to use it both ways: first as a cream makeup remover with a cotton pad and then I wash my face again with the same product.

In the end you just enjoy deeply cleansed yet soothed, comfortable and absolutely hydrated skin!




My eye makeup remover of choice! It's never missing in my house and it's definitely the eye makeup remover I've been using the longest, at least for more than 10 years. It is part of La Roche-Posay's Toleriane range, a 100% allergy-tested range, which also includes sensitive eye, lip, face and nail makeup.



For me an eye makeup remover has to meet 5 criteria and this one absolutely meets all of them.

  • It does it in effectiveness! It rigorously removes all eye makeup, even waterproof makeup. Which means that the next morning I don't have to apply makeup again. Efficacy, in fact, is the first thing I look for in an eye makeup remover. And there is no need to rinse.
  • It is suitable for sensitive skin and eyes. It is an unscented product, which makes sense when we talk about sensitive skin and eyes, with a strict formulation chart to minimize the risk of intolerance. It can also be used by eyes wearing contact lenses.
  • It does not burn in the eyes. The eye cleansing process has to be pleasant and not cause eye irritation. Respectissime is a sensitive eye makeup remover that does not cause any burning, even if a tiny drop of product comes in contact with the eyes.
  • Although it is a biphasic makeup remover, it is not greasy and does not leave an oily residue on the skin. Biphasic cleansers are composed of two phases: an aqueous phase and an oily phase, to ensure that impurities of all kinds are removed with just one product: the aqueous phase removes impurities that dissolve in water and the oily phase removes impurities that dissolve in oil. The two phases are mixed by shaking the package just before use. Respectissime has the added advantage for me that the two phases remain mixed throughout the entire process of removing both eyes, without the need to shake the package again.
  • There is no need to rub the eyes. If you hold a cotton pad or compress to the eye for a few seconds, the makeup is removed effortlessly. It is particularly important not to make any sudden gestures as the skin is very thin in the eye area.
Cosmética Sólida


How to use Respectissme from La Roche-Posay?

  • Shake the package to mix the two phases. Apply a small amount of product to a cotton pad or swab.
  • Gently touch the cotton pad or pad to the eye and leave on for a few seconds.
  • Remove the makeup with an inward-outward motion, without rubbing to avoid irritation.
  • Use a new cotton pad for each eye.

Enjoy wonderfully makeup-free, irritation-free, and oil-free eyes!




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