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Summer Skin Care

14 December 2022

Having healthy and beautiful skin is a concern for most people. The skin is exposed, every day, to countless harmful agents and, with the arrival of summer, sun exposure requires even more attention and extra care.


The skin, being the most extensive organ and consequently the most exposed to all external aggressions, must be protected. This protection will prevent several possible future problems. Skin that is cared for, nourished and protected is healthier skin.

Sun protection

Therefore, it is essential that you take care of your skin, especially during the summer when UV ray levels can cause damage to exposed skin. Although these rays may seem harmless, the effects of sun exposure may not be so pleasant over time.

One of the consequences of unprotected exposure to the sun, and one that is not immediate, is photoaging, or premature aging of the skin caused by repeated exposure to ultraviolet (UV) radiation.

The appearance of wrinkles, spots, and the fact that the skin becomes progressively drier and rougher is caused by careless sun exposure.
The best way to avoid problems? Block out the harmful rays when you are outside during the day, even on cloudy days it is important to use sun protection. The danger exists in all seasons and the damage accumulates every year.


Redouble the moisture in your skin

The sun's rays can leave skin quite dehydrated and sensitized, so it is important to moisturize your skin even more in the summer. In the shower, opt for body oils with gentle cleansing, and after bathing, apply moisturizers with a light texture to the entire body. 

This is the ideal time to recharge the hydration in the skin because it is the time when the pores are open and receive the actives of the products more easily.

Drink plenty of liquid

Still on the topic of hydration, it is important to replenish the water that the body loses through sweating on hot days by drinking liquids. So, prepare a bottle of water and keep it nearby at all times.

Sun protection

It is impossible to enumerate a skin care list, especially in summer, without mentioning sunscreen. It is indispensable in any routine, no matter the season, but in summer it is even more important. We are more exposed to the sun and for much longer, so protecting the skin from sun damage is fundamental.
Besides preventing unwanted spots, premature aging, burns, and heat stroke, using sunscreen also prevents skin cancer.
Sun protection should be applied to the skin at least 30 minutes before sun exposure, evenly on all parts of the body. Reapply every two hours or whenever you go into the water.

How to find the most suitable sunscreen

It is also important that you use a sunscreen that is specific to your skin type. Summer skin care is most effective when you use products that are best suited for your skin type. You can find a wide variety of sunscreens with different textures and characteristics, which allows and facilitates finding the most appropriate product for your skin type.

For a drier skin, a sunscreen with a creamier consistency is indicated, in order to moisturize the skin more, giving greater comfort.



On the other hand, for oily skin, a gel sunscreen is indicated, since it offers a drier touch and contains matifying actives, reducing oiliness.


More sensitive skin is skin susceptible to inflammation, redness, and dehydration, and it is important to use the right products to correct the discomfort felt on the skin.


Blemished skin requires extra care, as it is more susceptible to increased skin pigmentation. The protection factor should be high and you should not neglect to reapply the product.


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