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Summer with all the pleasure!

08 September 2021

Discover Charlotte Lecarpentier's Clarins beach routine! Find out how to protect yourself from the sun and get a stunning tan!

I love the sun but, with a fair complexion, protection is my priority. As I also like being tanned, I have foolproof tricks that I'm going to share with you.


I start the season with a golden hue as I use Addition Concentré Eclat on my face and body every week: just mix a few drops into the face and body cream, spread it generously and... voilá, it's done!



Before going to the beach, my daily ritual is very simple: while still at home, after the morning shower, I immediately apply Gel-en-Huile Solaire SPF50 as if I were spreading a body lotion. This way, I don't miss any areas and I'm sure I won't get any sunburns on the way to the beach!



During sun exposure, I frequently reapply the oil spray, Huile-en-Brume Solaire Corps UVA / UVB 30, which is super easy to apply especially on the back. On the face, I'm a fan of the Stick Solaire Invisible FPS50, which is also one of my boyfriend's favorites because it stays invisible and is very quick to apply.



Pro tip: when the sun is blazing, I spray the energizing Eau Dynamisante on my wrists and neck, which gives me a boost of freshness and plant therapy. As it has no alcohol, it can be used in the sun and gives an incredible fresh aroma to the skin.



Back home and after showering, I apply the generous Baume Corps Super Hydratant which is filled with shea butter to nourish the skin in depth. I love the smell and immediately makes me dream of the beautiful days of vacation and on beach that still await me.