20 March 2021

Spring box | sweetcare exclusive

Spring arrives, and it seems that life takes on another color! The sun forgets its shyness, the streets get filled with color and the air becomes perfumed... It even seems that we become to love morning workouts again! It turns out that at this time of the year we feel more inspired and creative, don't you agree?

SweetCare also got carried away by this wave of positivity and inspiration and prepared a box of 13 products thinking of you and your needs during this season! From allergies to the first sun exposures, our skin and hair always need special care to welcome spring.  In this article, we leave some suggestions and tips on how you can best enjoy all the products that make up the Spring Box. Will you join us?


Spring Box


First things first! Always start your beauty routine by cleansing your face. You can do it with Bioderma's Sensibio H2O Micellar Water, and if you have sensitive and intolerant skin you will absolutely love this solution!

Spring symbolizes new beginnings! Also reset your skin with the exfoliator Black Peeling Sensilis, for revitalized and illuminated skin!

After exfoliation, you can opt for a mask that will give you an even deeper cleansing and elimination of impurities, the Institute Esthederm Osmoclean Cream Douce, and you can alternate its use with a moisturizing mask, Youth Lab Thirst relief mask.

As a complement, you can also get a more luminous look with Filorga Oxygen-glow eyes!

Do not leave your routine incomplete and prevent or immediately fill wrinkles, while mattify and decrease the appearance of pores with Lierac Cica Filler Gel Cream!

Finally and to end the day in beauty, make a continuous renewal of your skin during the night, with the peeling action of Mathiderm Night Renew ampoules.


And, because not only the face is worthy of a beauty sleep with the best care, we also suggest a deep hair repair and nourishment during the night, with Shu uemura Essence Absolue Serum! But remember that the health of your scalp directly influences the beauty of the rest of your hair! For that reason, we don't forget that this time of year brings a lot of dust in the air, in addition to the fact that we go more outside and, therefore, the hair will accumulate various residues, even from pollution. Keep your scalp clean and regulated with Ducray Extra-doux Dermoprotective Shampoo!


Whether we leave the house or not, we live in times when alcohol-gel is our shadow. As a result, our hand skin is arguably drier and in need of hydration. Give your hands everything they need with Avéne Cold Cream!

But not everything is bad news! The arrival of spring brings us a taste of the most fun season of the year: summer! Start preparing your skin for a uniform and beautiful tan just now, with a regular exfoliation with Elancyl Body Energizing Exfoliating Gel. For smooth, hydrated, toned... Enviable skin!

If you have dry skin, take the opportunity to moisturize and nourish your skin in the shower with Klorane Bio Cupuaçu Butter Shower Cream, and ask for a massage with Xeraconfort A-Derma nourishing cream!


Ready to welcome spring out right?

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