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Skin detox

A new year asks for a renewed skin, free of impurities and more radiant! Meet some essential steps for rediscover a beautiful and healthy skin in this new year!


After a season of some excesses it's time to think of detox! Not only at body level, but also for the skin, this should be a routine to do on the others days of the year.
Pollutants and impurities accumulate on the skin resulting in the  earlier appearance of signs of ageingng, dullness complexion, irritated skin and even some pimples.So because of all of this reasons, it is then necessary to keep the skin clean and free of impurities in the 365 days of the year that just started!

Limpeza Diária

Daily Cleaning

Daily cleansing is a necessary step to obtain beautiful and healthy skin. This is important to remove impurities and polluting agents accumulated throughout the day and/or night and thus provide the perfect basis for the application of the usual creams and moisturizers.



La PrairieClarins







BiothermBiRetixSensai Kanebo





Tratamento Detox

Daily Care

After cleaning it is necessary to moisture and nourish. Nowadays it is almost impossible not to be in contact with polluting agents and even stress factors. In fact, the harmful resultant effects can be minimized thanks to some skincare products, such as antioxidants (ideal for fight against free radicals, for example) combined with nourishing and moisturizing factors. These should be taken special attention y night, in order to optimize cell renewal.

There are some city protectors that allied to a sun protection factor are great for defending the skin during the day.






LieracShiseidoEstee Lauder

La PrairieSkinceuticals





Máscaras Detox e Esfoliantes

Face masks and scrubs

The masks already conquered their place in skin care. In the detox masks, it is common find  purifying and decongestant ingredients such as clay or activated charcoal. It is usual for some masks appear combined with an exfoliating, especially since their periodicity time application and properties can result in a perfect symbiosis to detoxify the skin. In either case, the result is a clean skin and with a pleasant feeling of freshness!

There are numerous options of detox masks, purifying and exfoliating! We share with you some suggestions:












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