The simplest care for men with lierac homme

18 November 2021

Since 2006, Lierac Laboratories have been making all their expertise available to men to offer them care tailored to the specific needs of their skin.

In the past, men's skin care was simply a daily shower and shave.

In recent years, however, there has been a profound change in this market, which has become ultra-dynamic.


Today, there are several men who do not dispense with their skin care ritual. And not just for the sake of improving the appearance and hygiene, but for the sake of taking care of the health of what is the largest organ of our body.


"The care, simpler" is the phrase that perfectly illustrates the concept of Lierac Homme. Lierac aims to offer a simple and effective routine, for men who feel good about themselves, without complications!


For these men, who are as active as they are demanding, Lierac has created a simple, clear and extra-sensorial range.


Lierac Homme 3 in 1 essential care


Skin on average 20% thicker than that of women, with a higher percentage of collagen, more significant water evaporation, a darker appearance (consequence of the high number of capillaries) and with a tendency to be more combination to oily, thanks to the presence of numerous sebaceous glands and a higher production of testosterone. These differences explain the special attention and care that men's skin deserves!


Lierac Laboratories have responded to the very specific needs of men's skin with essential 3-in-1 care that has been clinically tested on sensitive skin.


Highly sensorial, with fresh, light, quickly absorbed textures and a fragrance that is both manly and subtle, with the gentle scent of mandarin, lavender and herbs on a very elegant amber background.


They are 3 in 1, because they will have 3 actions, due to the star active component present in all the care formulas, the Black Tulip:





lierac care



At the heart of all formulas is the patented Black Tulip extract, a subtle flower that appears fragile and delicate-looking, but contains all the power of nature and with this proven triple action on the skin:


Strengthens - Black Tulip extract has been proven to increase the thickness of the epidermis by 53%.


Protects - By reducing the permeability of the epidermis, the quality of the skin barrier function is increased.


Regenerates - Also in the dermis, the action of Black Tulip is amazing. It increases the thickness of the dermis by 400% and increases the synthesis of hyaluronic acid by 83%.


Day after day, Black Tulip helps skin appear more toned, stronger and younger.


tulipa negra


The Lierac Homme offer consists of 6 care products:









Integral shower gel

The multifunctional integral care


3 in 1: body, face, hair



One care, one gesture, for clean and shiny hair, smooth and silky beard, and clean, hydrated and energized skin.

No sulfates, no parabens.


Active Components:

  • Black tulip, fortifying, protective and regenerating.
  • Washing base of vegetable origin, softening
  • Vegetable glycerin, moisturizing

96% of components of natural origin

Dermatologically tested



Ultra-effective protection


3 in 1: antiperspirant, 48h effectiveness, anti-stain



Ultra-effective antiperspirant formula, for 48H non-stop protection and a lasting fresh feeling. Skin feels comfortable, with no sticky effect, no stains on clothes, no irritation sensations, all day long.


Active Components:

  • Tulipa negra, fortifying, protective and regenerating
  • Sichuan Berry, softening

91% of components of natural origin

Dermatologically tested






Shaving Foam

The ally of the smooth shave


3 in 1: anti-irritation, softens, moisturizes



Thin, unctuous foam that prepares skin for a shave without irritation, redness or hot feeling. The hair is lifted and smoothed for easy shaving from the first blade stroke, while protecting the skin with its creamy texture. The razor glides easily, the close shave is easy, clean and precise. Micro cuts are avoided and there is no pulling or burning.


Active Components:

  • Black Tulip, fortifying, protective and regenerating
  • Sichuan Berry, softening

85% of components of natural origin

Dermatologically tested


Post-shave balm

Second skin effect


3 in 1: anti-irritation, soothing, moisturizing



Immediately soothes the discomfort and burning caused by shaving. It also soothes and moisturizes the skin after shaving, all day long.

They are fragrance-free.


Active ingredients:

  • Black Tulip, fortifying, protective and regenerating
  • Sichuan Berry, softening
  • Polysaccharide, moisturizing

96% of components of natural origin

Dermatologically tested




face care


Energizing Moisturizing Gel

A shot of energy every day


3 in 1: anti-fatigue, moisturizes, revitalizes



With a fresh, very moisturizing texture to give skin a boost, less wrinkled, less tense and less gray! After application, signs of fatigue fade, dark circles under the eyes are faded and puffiness is lessened: good looks are restored!


Active ingredients:

  • Black tulip, fortifying, protective and regenerating
  • Kumquat, energizing
  • Cocoa Peptide, anti-blue light

96% of components of natural origin

Dermatologically and ophthalmologically tested

Face and eye contour


Global anti-aging fluid

The Swiss army knife for men's skin


3 in 1: anti-wrinkle, firming, moisturizing



A single care corrects all signs of aging: wrinkles, spots, loss of firmness and dehydration. Skin is smoother and softer, regains its firmness, strength and vital energy.

The eye contour area also benefits from this care!


Active ingredients

  • Black tulip, fortifying, protective and regenerating
  • Hyaluronic acid, smoothing
  • Baobab extract, anti-aging

91% of components of natural origin

Dermatologically and ophthalmologically tested.

Face and eye contour



All care, manufactured in France, has high naturalness rates, with up to 96% of components of natural origin. It is a sober and elegant range, the packaging is eco-developed, with no information leaflet and cardboard sourced from sustainably managed forests and FSC® certified, for greater paper and water savings and to reduce our environmental footprint.