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Shiseido vip sessions

08 August 2016

The Shiseido Beauty Advisers Team were at Sweetcare to provide our guests a mini -facial and a make-up session! Get to know all the details, best moments and the favorite products of the beauty experts !

We decided to put into practice our motto, and pamper our customers in a very special day! So, we dressed up poperly to receive our clients  in a Vip session with SHISEIDO and we count we the brand Beauty Advisers.

SHISEIDO is one of the oldest companies in the world dedicated to cosmetics, with values that understand the beauty as a holistic experience that appeals to the mental, emotional and spiritual sensitivity, with total dedication to detail of each product and service.



On a day that turned out to be a lot of fun, our customers benefited from the Shiseido beauty ritual, where they have been advised with an appropriate routine to their skin needs, as well as had the opportunity to get to know the news of the brand for the year 2016. One of the hilights is the facial mist Ibuki Quick Fix Mist, which ensures hydration and freshness, anytime, to a radiant skin!

Another great new feature is Ibuki Beauty Sleeping Mask, a beauty product ideal for a deep and revitalising beauty sleep! Is perfect to get radiant, refreshed and rested  skin when you wake up! All the customers were rendered. Still in treatment, the Glow Revival  line was reinforced with the addition of a cream for eyes and a face cream. Ideal for all skins that lack of moisture, lightness and resistance, is undoubtedly a line to meet! See our article dedicated to the Glow line Revival.

In makeup, the big news is the Synchro skin lasting liquid foundation spf20 oil free, which is a smart and long-term coverage products, which blends beautifully with your skin. Comfortable, spotless, undetectable. The great added value of this product is the fact that its smart formula adapts to the characteristics of the skin, for a natural result and a natural finish.


In the hustle and bustle of the day, we were able to catch the Beauty Advisers of Shiseido alone, and get to know their beauty tips and favorite products!


OLINDA, Training Manager || Shiseido



Olinda, Training Manager of Shiseido owns a beautiful smile and contagious energy, and gives a major advice:

Sunscreen is the best friend of your beauty!

So it is not surprising that one of his favorites of all time, is the Uv protective compact foundation spf30. This base powder compact, protects against UVA/UVB rays, providing a lightweight feel and a natural matte appearance. Take it with you, always, for touch ups, this compact combines solar protection with makeup, in a perfect travel format. Resists perspiration and retains the complexion fresh and true to the color, for hours.

Another product Olinda Swears by is the Ultimune power infusing concentrate, which is a concentrated energy activator that strengthens the immunity of the skin, increases the concentration of soothing enzymes on the surface of Langerhans cells, which are responsible for the neutralization of the negative factors, leading to a strengthening of the immune system of the skin. Is a favorite because it makes skin more resistant and hydrated!

Finally, the product of body that she likes the most, it is the Advanced body creator super slimming reducer, due to the feeling of freshness and tonicity, this product is very easy to apply and  you see big results at the level of the waist and thigh.


Miguel, Beauty Adviser || Shiseido

Miguel, is one of the Shisiedo Beauty Advisers, always fun and quick with a line, told us that his favourites are the Shimmering cream eye color shadow. Because the fact that are soft as a cream but adherents as a powder. In addition, they come in a range of fantastic colors and is a quick way to give color to the eyelids, are practical, durable and give a more refined finish, when combined with the application of powder shadows. The basic colors and Miguel's favorite are mousseline, sunshower, yuba, pale shell, caviar and sable!

Miguel gives a smart tip to take advantage of the versatility of these products, and use them also as an eyeliner or highlighter, for example.

The eyeshadow in the color cream caviar can be used as eyeliner by blurring with a beveled brush near the root of the eyelashes.

Joana, Beauty Adviser || Shiseido

Joana is another Shiseido Beauty Adviser that conquer us by her calm and dedication to answer every question.

Joana has a lot of favourites, and we can't blame her! Lipsticks are one of them, in the shades of red. So she loves the Perfect rouge, which is a nourishing lipstick with a perfect color, real and intense in the colour RD 514. The other one is the Lacquer rouge, which is a liquid lipstick, intense and with a brilliant color, and, in the shades RD413 & RD50.

Other favorite product is the illuminating pen Sheer Eye Zone 01 Color Corrector, as it allowsto polish makeup, highlighter some zones of shadow, do face shaping or cleaning minor errors of makeup.

Joana ends with her favorite tip to do the shapping of the face and which consists of:

Mix the Shiseido bronzers with the Luminizing satin face color blush WT905 and BE206 colors for a perfect finish and radiant skin!