27 June 2022

Sesderma Summer Essentials

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When we talk about hot summer days, it is virtually impossible not to associate them with greater sun exposure! The sun is essential for the life of human beings, since it is indispensable in various processes in our body and in the maintenance of general health and well-being. However, when exposure is constant and unprotected, it can bring various harms - from frequent scalds, to allergies, spots or even more serious problems such as skin cancer, among others.


For the protection of the skin from solar radiation, Sesderma presents the Repaskin range. With exclusive Shield System technology, which is based on 3 protection shields:

  • Sunscreens that confer UVB, UVA and IR photoprotection;
  • Antioxidants that protect the skin from free radicals and prevent photoaging;
  • Reparative enzymes that help the skin recover from the damage potentially caused by excess solar radiation. These liposome enzymes can reach the nucleus of cells and correct DNA damage, reinforcing our natural repair mechanisms. In this way, with Repaskin, more than photoprotection, we talk about photorepair!

In addition to this innovative concept, which distinguishes us from other ranges of sun protection, the Repaskin range is also distinguished by pleasant and innovative textures. In facial protection we highlight our best selling - Repaskin Silky Touch SPF50- its siliconized finish leaves the skin smooth and smooth to the touch and dull, matte appearance and without any whitish finish. Its texture is reminiscent of a makeup primer, so it's perfect to apply as a final step before makeup. There is also in the version with color, for those looking for a sunscreen that in one step also help to standardize the tone and give a slight tan tone to the skin.

For the body, we love aerosol versions, practical in application and with glow finish. For the most sensitive and delicate skins, we suggest the Sensitive version.

In the Repaskin range, in addition to sun protection products, you will also find references for the complete care of skins exposed to high levels of solar radiation. Discover our complete sun routine suggestion for the face:

  • Cleansing the skin with the usual hygiene care;
  • With clean and dry skin, apply 3-4 drops of Repaskin Liposomal Serum  with gentle massage until complete absorption. Its formulation with liposomed enzymes, will strengthen the natural mechanisms of repair in the face of sun exposure, preventing and reducing solar damage;
    • Moisturize the face with Repaskin Mender Anti-Aging Gel. In addition to restorative enzymes, it is also formulated with teprenona and panthenol for the best care before, during and after intense sun exposure. Its light texture is indicated on all skin types and is rapidly absorbed;
    • Sun protection with favorite Repaskin texture. Throughout the day, renew the application of sun protection every 2h. You can also, throughout the day, spray on repaskin Liposomal Mist to moisturize, refresh and fix makeup (if applicable), while reinforcing the restorative action of the routine, by its formulation with liposomal repair enzymes.



    And when the photoprotection has been neglected and the painful scalding arises... The regenerative power of the aloe vera is vastly recognized. The healing, moisturizing and soothing properties of this plant are a reference in the regeneration of injured skin. At Sesderma, we formulate Hidraloe Gel with the pulp of Aloe barbadensis leaves certified with 3 quality seals to ensure its maximum purity and effectiveness.

    In addition to being a powerful ally in skin recovery after sunburn, it is also indicated in post-shaving or post-hair removal on sensitive skin, light burns, insect bites, itching, or other skin irritations.


    Another group of products that typically have more demand in hot times are specific body care – with great emphasis on firming, anti-cellulite and anti-stretch marks. For the formulation of Sesderma-specific body care, we have selected active ingredients that act effectively on the causes of major skin changes at the body level and that visibly improve their appearance.

    Whether in cellulite, stretch marks or sagging, the target cells of most incorporated assets are located in the deepest layers of the skin. Thus, the transport of liposome sums - the basis of the Nanotech concept that characterizes and differentiates Sesderma - ensures that they effectively reach the target cells for their maximum benefits and effectiveness, always combined with high tolerance.


    Cellulitis is a multifactorial skin change that involves circulatory, structural and metabolic changes. Thus, for a cosmetic treatment to be effective it should act on all these factors. Celulex Anti-cellulitis Gel is formulated with an extract of ruscus and green tea, which improve circulation, facilitating venous return and lymphatic drainage. Together with liposomed organic silicon and retinol, the Asian spark prevents the rigidity of collagen and elastin fibers, favoring the tissue repair process by stimulating the biosynthetic activity of fibroblasts.

    Carnitine, forskolin and caffeine, enhanced by the presence of ATP, favor the degradation process of triglycerides present in adipose tissue.

    Stretch marks are another of the most frequent body aesthetic concerns in summer. They relate to a rupture of dermal cellular tissue that causes atrophic linear depressions of the skin in stretch areas of the skin. At its origin may be, either mechanical factors, such as biochemical (with great emphasis on hormonal ones). The striations visible to the surface of the skin result, therefore, from an internal rupture of the fibers of the connective tissue (which provide support and protection) and their subsequent healing. Initially they are rosy – inflammatory phase, but with the passage of time change color, acquiring a white tone nacarado - scar phase. The stretch marks that best respond to cosmetic treatments are those that are in the inflammatory phase.

    For its prevention and treatment, we suggest Estryses Lotion which can even be used in pregnancy. We highlight in its composition the Asian spark, vitamin C, organic silicon, glycolic acid and horsetail extract – which restructure the dermal matrix and fibrous tissue, stimulate the synthesis of GAGs, collagen and elastin, maintaining the elasticity of the skin. It also has a beneficial vascularizing action in stimulating the regeneration process.

    Sagging has a higher incidence in women, mainly due to hormonal factors and pregnancy. However, other factors such as excess sun, sedentary lifestyle or inadequate nutrition contribute to this problem. Sesnatura Firming Cream of breasts and body, thanks to its formulation with free dmae (dimethylaminoethanol) and liposome, allows an immediate lifting effect to the surface and a lasting firming action in depth. By its lactic acid composition, it helps maintain optimal levels of hydration and improve skin texture.

    Whatever the skin change, associating with the specific treatment with regular skin exfoliation, will enhance the benefits and results of it. The exfoliator, by removing excess dead cells on the surface of the skin, will increase the permeability of the same, favoring the greater absorption of the actives contained in the specific treatments. We suggest the use of Abradermol Volcanic 2x week in the affected areas.


    For fans of luminosity, we couldn't miss our C-Vit range! To ensure its stability and effectiveness, we formulated the range with a stabilized derivative of vitamin C, liposome and associated with the Antiox Booster System. This makes it possible to ensure its safe use even on hot summer days.


    We highlight at this time of year the products with light reflector pigments, such as c-vit radiance fluid luminous for the face and  C-Vit Radiance Body Milk for the body. In addition to the benefits of vitamin C in long-term luminosity, these pigments give an immediate glow to the skin by sublimating the tan, for an irresistible summer skin!


    If you need help or are having questions about your routine in the summer, stay in love with our Beauty Advisor Sesderma and discover your Sesderma routine ideal for hot summer days!

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