21 September 2022

Sesderma Skin Rollers

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The sun, the sea or pool water, the few hours of sleep... Summer is the season when typically our skin is subjected to more aggressions and also a time of year when our availability to comply with the skincare routine ends up being lower. For the "boost" that your skin needs in this return to routine, Sesderma Skin Rollers are the ideal solution!

PRESS & ROLL – in just 2 steps, a perfect skin!

Inspired by professional Microneedling treatments, the Skin Roller helps boost the results of your routine in the comfort of your home.

Skin Roller

They consist of a head and an ampoule. The head, with 540 needles of 0.25 mm, when sliding over the skin surface promotes the elimination of dead cells and enhances the absorption of the active ingredients of the ampoule in the deeper layers of the skin. In addition, the active ingredients in the ampoule are liposomed - as is already customary in Sesderma products, which also favors greater penetration.

Thanks to the double absorption - that nanotechnology combined with the micro roller make possible, it is possible to achieve levels of penetration of the actives in the skin that ensure their maximum effectiveness, for the best results.

How to use?

1 - Place the head in the ampoule

Skin Roller aplicação 1

2 - Press the dispenser to dispense the product

Skin Roller aplicação 2

3 - Sliding on the skin

Skin Roller aplicação 3

The Roller should be glided smoothly and without pressure, over the skin of the face, neck and neckline, previously clean and dry, with linear movements (first horizontal and then vertical) making 2-3 passes per area. We suggest the following sequence:

1 - cheekbones area;
2 - forehead area
3 - nose and chin area.

Use 2-3 times a week, ideally at night and making sure that after each use, the head is properly sanitized with water and a mild soap.

An answer for every need

Because each skin is different, and with different needs, we present 4 references to adequately meet the needs of each skin:

Skin Roller

SKIN ROLLER C-VIT Radiance: Ideal for dull and lackluster skin. Formulated with vitamin C, it prevents and reduces the signs of photoaging, evens skin tone and improves skin texture and smoothness. Suitable for all skin types.

Outstanding active ingredients: Stabilized Vitamin C (ethyl ascorbic acid), retinol, tranexamic acid, sweet orange extract.


SKIN ROLLER FACTOR G Firmness: Suitable for aging skin. Smoothes wrinkles, promotes firmness and improves skin texture and smoothness. All skin types.

Outstanding active ingredients: Growth Factors (EGF, TGF-BETA, CG-CSF, HGH).


Skin Roller

SKIN ROLLER AZELAC RU Brighten: Micro roller for home use for hyperpigmentation and uneven tone. Reduces and prevents the appearance of spots. Suitable for all phototypes and all skin types.

Outstanding active ingredients: azelaic acid, 4-butyl resorcinol, tranexamic acid, undecylene phenylalanine, diacetyl boldine, morus alba, ethyl ascorbic acid, ascorbyl glucoside, niacinamide, retinol, retinaldehyde, growth factors (hgh, egf, trx), glycyrrhetinic acid, daisy extract.



SKIN ROLLER SESKAVEL Lush: Specific for the scalp. Indicated to stop hair loss and stimulate hair growth as an intensive treatment.

Outstanding active ingredients: Growth factors (TRX, EGF, follistatin, VEGF, IGF-2, HGH), biotin, caffeine, calcium chloride, niacinamide, panthenol, Serenoa serrulate, zinc.


Do you have any questions, or need help choosing the right Skin Roller for your skin needs? Get advice from our Beauty Advisor Sesderma!

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