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Sensitive skin

There are many causes for a sensitive or a sensitized skin. Meet how detect and which products you should use in the beauty routine for a healthy and comfortable skin.


Several factors can be responsible for a sensitive skin. Lifestyle and skin characteristics can influence the predisposition of some skins to sensitivity.

For example, skins with lighter phototype usually are less tolerant, especially to sun exposure and abrupt temperature changes. Other factors that can contribute for an appearance of sensitive skin are wind, stress and anxiety as well as alcohol, coffee and spicy meals.

Some tricks can help minimize the uncomfortable effects of this skin state and to this also contributes the correct use of products in beauty ritual.

We have reunited some in order to help to achieve beautiful, radiant and above all comfortable skin every day!

Beauty routine


Cleansing is one of the essential steps of any beauty routine and even sensitive skins should not neglect this step. At the moment, there are many cleansing products specially made for sensitive skins.

1.Foreo Luna 3 for sensitive skin

An electric device that will leave the skin incredibly clean and smooth. Silicone bristles are especially soft for sensitive skin, keeping a perfectly cleansed skin thanks to T-Sonic pulsations.  waterproof, should be used on the moist face with the gel or cleaning mousse to choose from so that you can feel an incredibly clean skin.

2. Avène 3 in 1 fluir make-up remover

It is not always easy to find make-up removers specially made for sensitive and at the same time effective in their action. Avène created a make-up remover for the most sensitive skins, not only remove make-up  and cleansing the skin but also appeasing it hanks to the Thermal Water Avène.

3. Darphin Intral cleansing milk with chamomile for sensitive skin

For skins that prefer the comfort of a mily texture, our suggestion goes to Darphin's milk with a gentle action that prepares the skin for the beauty routine. With chamomile extract to appease, hawthorn extract with antioxidant properties and polysaccharide that retains water, the skin is cleansed, comfortable and appeased.

4. Bioderma Sensibio cleansing and soothing gel for sensitive skin

For those who prefer a cleansing made with water, Bioderma has the Sensibio cleansing gel, enriched with the DAF patented complex that acts in skin inflammation for a less reactive skin. It can be used combined with Foreo Luna 3 for sensitive skin, for a more effective cleansing.


For a more complete ritual, after cleansing, it is important to prepare the skin. Tonic to rebalance, concentrates to appease and some with anti-aging ingredients. Everything made for different needs that sensitive skin can shows.

1.Lancôme Advanced genifique sensitive youth activator serum

A version of Advanced Génifique, for sensitive skins experience a revitalized and energized skin. Enriched, like the "original", with prebiotics this has a (blue) concentrate with Vitamin E and Ferulic Acid. The two phases together provide a restorative effect, sooothing the skin immediately while protecting from free radicals, UV to infrared radiation.
Each bottle, after mixing phases, should be used within a maximum period of about 1 month.

2.Institut Esthederm Intensive vitamin e² serum

A serum with an antioxidant and protective action that promotes the regulation of redness and discomfort, minimizing its sensitivity and reactive pigmentation.

With 4% tocopheryl acetate and 2% tocopherol sodium phosphate, it protects the skin from the harmful effect of free radicals, preventing premature aging.

3.Sesderma Samay anti-aging serum for sensitive skin

It is not always easy to find anti-aging care for sensitive skin, so one of our suggestions goes to this Sesderma Samay serum. Especially indicated for those who have sensitive skin this serum includes bakuchiol and Bidens pilosa extract for a retinol-like action but without their secondary effects.  Chamomile oil and calendula extract help to calm the skin, shea butter and the oil of almonds nourish and prebiotic alpha-glucans with milk proteins minimize the skin discomfort.

4. Apoem Calm balancing toner for sensitive skin

At the end of cleansing it's important apply a toner for balance, soften and prepare the skin for the next skincare regimen. The balancing tonic Calm has been specially developed for sensitive skins as, thanks to extracts of rose, Asian centella, ginkgo and wheat provide fresher, hydrated and appeased skin.

Hydration and comfort

After the skin prepared, it is important to keep it comfortable. From specific care for irritated eyes to comfort, hydration and protection of the skin of the face. Meet our products we suggested.

1.SVR Topialyse palpebral eyelid cream for irritated eyes

A cream for irritated eyes! Due to various factors such as make-up, air-conditioners, contact lenses, pollens, coatings or dermatological treatments, eyelids may have some irritation (redness eyelid, eyelids and periocular dry and itchy),and sometimes it's really difficult to control it. To this end, this cream should be applied in the area, after cleaning with saline, to appease and decrease irritation immediately.

2. Biotherm Life plankton sensitive moisturizing and soothing emulsion

The key ingredient of Biotherm, Life Plankton is at its highest percentage (5%) in this range, infusing the skin with 35 minerals, promoting its comfort. This emulsion for sensitive skin, moisturizes, comforts, repairs and regenerates while protecting it from polluting particles, avoiding its sensitization.

3. La Roche-Posay Toleriane ultra 8 concentrated moisturizer sensitive skin

A simple formula with only 8 ingredients such as allantoin, glycerin and carnosine for a moisturizing and appeasing action.  Ideal for refreshing or appeasing the skin throughout the day, after the gym, etc.

4. Shiseido Expert sun protection lotion wetforce spf50+ face and body

An hypoallergenic formula with high tolerance, that does not cause tears with WetForce tecnology for a strong protection when in contact with water. A wide protection that helps to reduce and minimize the effects of skin aging. It can be used by babies over six months. 

SOS Situations

And no matter how careful you are with your sensitive skin, we know how complicated it is to keep it healthy, beautiful and in a way controlled. Sometimes stress and other external factors are difficult to control and affects our skin so it's necessary have some SOS solutions to help comfort ir and repair it. Know more about what products should be used in this situations.

1. Boí Thermal Thermal Water repairing thermal water for sensitive skin

Silica rich and little mineralized water that provides a smooth skin. Ideal for sensitive skin, this water repairs and soothes immediately, leaving the skin also more hydrated.

2. Skinceuticals Phyto corrective mask for sensitive skin

A refreshing and moisturizing texture, ideal for irritated, reactive or after sensitizing aesthetic procedures. The botanical extracts of this mask provide more comfort, luminosity and a skin with more uniform pigmentation and hyaluronic acid keeps the skin hydrated.

3. Uriage Roséliane anti-redness mask soothing sos care

A care for when the skin needs it most! This true S.O.S. soothes the skin immediately leaving it soft and hydrated. Formulated to limit the factors that cause rosacea/couperose, its formulation is rich in Uriage thermal water,  Cerasterol-2F, extracts of ginseng and red algae and patented association of TLR-2Regul® SK5R Complex for moisturized, soothed and recovered skin.

4.Suta Cream soothing mask for sensitive skin

The benefits of Spirulina on food are already well known. Suta Cosmetics inspired in these benefits, bringing them to the skin. in this soothing mask, spirulina is combined with antioxidant properties, chamomile floral water, oat oil, vitamin E and hydrolyzed hyaluronic acid for more moisturized and appeased skin.

Suggested Products

  • Luna 3 facial device for sensitive skin
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Luna 3 facial device for sensitive skin - Foreo

Foreo - Luna 3 for sensitive skin

  • Sensibio cleansing and soothing gel for sensitive skin 200ml
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Sensibio cleansing and soothing gel for sensitive skin 200ml - Bioderma

Bioderma - Sensibio Gel Moussant

  • Intral Cleansing Milk with chamomile for sensitive skin 200ml
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Intral Cleansing Milk with chamomile for sensitive skin 200ml - Darphin

Darphin - intral lait démaquillant

  • Advanced genifique sensitive youth activator serum 20ml
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Advanced genifique sensitive youth activator serum 20ml - Lancome

Lancome - Advanced genifique sensitive ativador de juventude duplo concentrado

  • Phyto Corrective mask for sensitive skin 60ml
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