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Beauty routine for him!

Beauty routines for men, tailored to their skin, with several product options!



For the man who likes to wear a few products but good, and achieve a beautiful skin, there are at least three steps that should not neglect: clean, moisturize and protect the skin.

For shaving, we recommend (1.) Sesderma's men shaving gel which restores functional balance of the skin by moisturizing and increasing the synthesis of collagen and elastin. It contains active  ingredients (hyaluronic acid, bisabolol, allantoin) that build a protective viscoelastic film that keeps the functional state of the fundamental structure of the epidermis, with a decongestant and regenerating action.

To moisturize and soothe the skin at the end of shaving, we recommend the (2.) Aquapower moisturizing normal to combination skin by Biotherm Homme. With a gel-cream texture, lightweight and moisturizing, is enriched with Life Plankton™ which repairs, tones and leaves the skin smooth during all day.

Before leaving home, we recommend protecting the skin with the (3.) Broad face moisturizing defense spf20 from House 99. In addition to UV filters, it has antioxidant properties, effective in combating radical action and anti-pollution action, essential to minimize premature aging.


The perfectionist likes ho have at first hand all beauty news and get all benefits of innovative textures and luxurious formulations!

To face wash, the (1.) Shiseido Men deep cleansing exfoliator remove completely dead cells, that usually remains even afters daily cleansing. This will also gently eliminate roughness, blackheads, unclog pores and prevent ingrown hairs. It's an excellent first step, for any skin type!

For the beard, the (2.) Clarinsshaving oil combines plant extracts and essential oils: olive, rosemary, eucalyptus with revitalizing, purifying, soothing and stress reducer properties!
Ensures a perfect shave without irritations!

For the eye contour, the (3.) Force supreme eyes architect serum by Biotherm Homme with a 3 active ingredients in an anti-aging formula with remodeling and firming properties: blue seaweed extract, Life Plankton™ (stimulate cell renewal) and Pro-Xylane™. Dark circles, puffiness, wrinkles and fatigue signs in the minimized eye contour area.

To moisturize the skin, we present two energizing options! The first one is (4.) Collistarthe Uomo gel-energizing cream, for a long-lasting hydration and resistant to variations in humidity and temperature. With the CellActive Men vitamin complex, the skin stays energized and strengthened, without dull and fatigued appearance. This formula prevents the appearence of wrinkles and skin aging.

The (5.) Shiseido Menskin empowering cream provides hydration and revitalizes the skin for a smooth and luminous result. The skin stays protected from signs of fatigue and aging, minimizing the appearance of wrinkles, improving skin elasticity in the eye and mouth contour area.

To get a perfect skin with a luminous but natural appearance, the (6.) Cc homme au ginseng noir cc cream from Erborian has a creamy and easy-to-apply texture that gently melts onto the skin, acquiring skin-like tone. Formulated with Pinus Sylvestris, black ginseng and Centella Asiatica, it offers many benefits to the skin, such as anti-aging, anti-fatigue, anti-stress, anti-inflammatory, nourishing and detoxifying actions.


For the man with sensitive skin, with an unconfortable and stretch feeling, often maximized by shaving, our product suggestion goes to:

For shaving, to (1.) Sensitive force Biotherm Homme shaving foam alcohol-free with soothing and anti-irritating action, making it easy to cut the hair. For the hard beard, the (2.) Shaving cream wraps and softens the hair, facilitating shaving and preventing irritation. As the act of shaving is especially aggressive for sensitive skin, which is often manifested by the appearance of imperfections, the (3.) Dermo-k ingrown hair treatment facilitates shaving, prevents ingrown hairs and promotes their elimination.

To soothe the skin after shaving, the (4.) Sensitive force balm after-shave is a regenerating care that relieves the skin not only from irritation caused by shaving, but also caused by external agents such as pollution.


For the man who cares not only about face skin but also has another care needs.

If you have tattoos, you should know that there is a moisturizing product suitable for hydration and protection of them. The (1.) House 99's spf30 moisturizing tattoo spf30 bold statement is enriched with vitamin E, glycerin, quinoa extracts, spirulina while its UVA/UVB filters prevent the harmful effects of UV rays. This spray leaves the skin perfectly protected from oxidative free radicals, while retaining water on its surface for a healthy appearence.

For a skin-kissed effect safely throughout the year, we recommend the (2.) Clinique for men bronzer moisturizing face is a self-tanning face with a comfortable gel-cream texture.

If you like the gym and need help to define the abdomen, the (3.) Somatoline's top definition sport abdominal gel acts on the skin and fat cells and can be used during training. At the end of the gym session, we recommend (4.) L'homme cèdre shower gel from Roger & Gallet for get a clean, refreshed and revitalized skin. To prolong the feeling of freshness, throughout the day, it is necessary use a deodorant, so we recommend the (5.) Vichy Homme roll on anti-perspirant 72h extreme control, which provides protection with an optimal tolerance: not irritating and non-sensitizing!

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